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Trees for me fabric by Mytinystar.

trees for me - mytinystar - Spoonflower

Trees in Summer fabric by Leighr.

Trees in Summer - leighr - Spoonflower

Cloverfield fabric by Frostedtreats.

Cloverfield - frostedtreats - Spoonflower

Easter_bunnies3 fabric by Renule.

easter_bunnies3 - renule - Spoonflower

Vit klöver/white clover fabric by Mallaching.

vit klöver/white clover - mallaching - Spoonflower

Strawberry stripe james fabric by Dollyrockers.

strawberry stripe james (aqua alt) - mossbadger - Spoonflower

Strawberry Girls fabric by Dianef.

Strawberry Girls - dianef - Spoonflower

Butterflies love pink! fabric by Newmom.

Butterflies love pink! - newmom - Spoonflower

My Green Tomatoes fabric by Spellstone.

My Green Tomatoes - spellstone - Spoonflower

Walking ants stripes fabric by Mariao. Love this for a dress to wear to a picnic!

Walking ants stripes - mariao - Spoonflower

Cestlaviv_monarch park fabric by Cestlaviv.

cestlaviv_monarch park - cest_la_viv - Spoonflower

Insects, leaves, and flowers fabric.

Insects, Leaves & Flowers - kayajoy - Spoonflower

Spring gingham fabric by Katarina.

spring gingham - katarina - Spoonflower

Blue Butterfly Paintings fabric by Angelaanderson. Another pretty butterfly design for a picnic quilt.

Blue Butterfly Paintings - angelaanderson - Spoonflower

Butterfly Paintings fabric by Angelaanderson. Wouldn't this be gorgeous on a bright picnic quilt?

Butterfly Paintings - angelaanderson - Spoonflower

Spot the Bug fabric by Spellstone.

Spot the Bug - spellstone - Spoonflower

Olives and Butterflies - Blue © Kristopher K 2010 fabric by kristopherk.

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Mexico Springtime: Jade on White (Large Scale) fabric by Sammyk.

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Butterflies and bugs.

Wings - annacole - Spoonflower

What's a picnic without bugs?

Flea de Corps (big!) - alison_oliver - Spoonflower

Clouds fabric by Kadenza.

Clouds - kadenza - Spoonflower

Flight Of Fancy Too fabric by Helenklebesadel.

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Happy Clouds fabric by Carinaenvoldsenharris.

Happy Clouds - carinaenvoldsenharris - Spoonflower

Pigs fabric by Boris_thumbkin. Cranky pigs are probably more appropriate as a theme at BBQ's than happy pigs.

Pigs - boris_thumbkin - Spoonflower

My three pigs fabric by Blueberryblonde. Another good pig-themed fabric for BBQ parties.

my three pigs - blueberryblonde - Spoonflower