Simcha Dragon imagination

Simcha Dragon imagination

the universe / raindrops, star trek, chocolate, knitting, spiders and the periodic table of elements!..and anime.
Simcha Dragon imagination
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These homemade Crunch bars are SO easy and only require TWO ingredients!

Homemade Crunch bars - 2 cups of Rice Cereal and a large block of Milk Chocolate melted and mixed together to instantly make easy crunch bars

These Cotton Candy Cupcakes are so delicious and the BEST I've tried! Moist and fluffy cotton candy-flavored cupcakes topped with a swirl of pastel cotton candy buttercream and fluffy cotton candy pop! Perfect for any occasion such as kids parties, bake sales, and more, and SO EASY!

Calling all cotton candy lovers! The fluffy stuff is now in a moist & tender cupcake! These Cotton Candy Cupcakes taste just like the real deal and are a

4gifs: “ Cattycake. [video] ”

4gifs: “ Cattycake. [video] ”

35 Best Ever Funny GIFs of All Time

35 Best Ever Funny GIFs of All Time [ "you can so tell it's staged like before the guy gets hit he glances up to see if he is walking in the right place but

So true GIF Gallery - Gallery

When the teacher announces that the due date on a project has been pushed back.

"Probably the greatest gif in the history of forever" Many thanks to the creator!

Stormtroopers waving at Darth Vader on the 'Dumbo' ride at Disneyland, Star Wars Humor, Probably the greatest gif in the history of forever❤️.

true siblings love

Oh my gosh cutest thing ever. I will tell you there is nothing I find more attractive than a big brother who's sweet with his little siblings.