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Workout Routines

Need some workout inspiration? Try try one of the workouts below to shake up your routine! Have suggestions for workouts you'd like to see? Email us at

Celebrate the Madness in March with this basketball-inspired drill - the Medicine Ball Chest pass. Grab a partner for this awesome cardio and upper body strength workout!

Celebrate the Madness in March with this basketball-inspired move - the Box Jump! Standing in front of a 12" or 18" box, hold a good squat position for 2 seconds. Then jump as high as you can, landing softly on the box. Step down and repeat!

Celebrate the Madness in March with this basketball-inspired drill - the Defensive Side Shuffle. Set up cones in a zig zag pattern (or any object, cones just feel more official!) - and shuffle yourself into a great cardio workout!

Push yourself to the limits and survive the P.I.N.K. Challenge, Saturday March 22nd during Workout for the Cure at all Sport&Health Clubs. Grab a trainer to watch the clock and count your reps as you fight this fitness battle. Each exercise is performed for 60 seconds with a continuous clock. At the end of the last exercise, you get 60 seconds rest. Count your reps per round and total for the workout. Repeat 3 times.

Take the Big Hoops Challenge at Sport&Health Monday & Tuesday, March 10-11th! Grab a trainer to time your two-person team. Your goal is to make a total of 5 baskets from 5 ft away. While one person is shooting the other is doing jump squats. Once one person makes a basket, switch positions. You’ll rotate until a total of 5 baskets are made. Record your time on the leaderboard. Team with the best time wins!

Quick Workout Plan / Tabata - High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) wi...

No equipment? No problem! Hit all of your major muscle groups with this bodyweight-only circuit workout! Find more fitness tips at www.sportandhealt...

  • Brenda Walker

    I did my workout by shoveling snow and walking up and down my steps in side my house. looking forward into getting back into the gym on Thursday morning

Get a great total body workout in just 12 minutes! Get more fitness tips at www.sportandhealt...

  • Ryo Hang

    this is definitely a body pump post. I love it.

Get a great workout in just 20 minutes - at home or at the club. Taly is the family nickname of our spectacular Corporate Director of Group Fitness, Teri Bothwell ("Italyin girl" - get it?)

This no-equipment-necessary workout is great when you're traveling or stuck inside due to weather!

Show the treadmill who's boss with this 20-minute interval workout!

Got 8-minutes? That's plenty of time to build a strong core!

Get your cardio in anywhere! Complete each move for 40 seconds, with 20 seconds of rest between moves. Complete a minimum of 4 total rounds!

Get your legs into shape with this kettlebell workout. Don't have a kettlebell? These moves can also be performed with a dumbbell (using a two-handed grip on the dumbbell). Need help with these moves? Simply ask a member of our fitness team at the club! www.sportandhealt...

This quick Pilates workout is perfect for toning your glutes, back, and hamstrings!

Get beach-ready with this quick but effective upper body workout!

Get ready for tank top season with this quick but effective shoulder workout!

Short on time? Try this short (but oh-so-effective) interval workout!