Make a splash and have a whale of a time with this DIY ocean craft from "Krokotak"!

Do you love paper plate crafts? Are you looking for new Paper Plate craft ideas? Here is a super cute Paper Plate craft – an adorable Whale! Isn’t he wonderful? A great whale craft for all sea creature lovers! The wonderful Krokotak has all the info!

Garden Dragonflies_Final

Get into the spring spirit with these easy to make spoon Garden Dragonflies! Get creative and learn how with "Artzy Creations.

Nature-Inspired Crafts for Kids: Dragon-twigs (via

17 Nature-Inspired Crafts for Kids

Dragon-twigs The propeller-shaped seeds from maple trees form the wings of these delicate dragonflies. For each, place four maple seeds on y.

Blubber Experiment

Early science - "Cover hand in shortening to demonstrate how fat keeps animals warm in winter. Could also be used to demonstrate Gods armor and how we go through trials (ice water) if we have the armor of God (shortening) it protects us (our hand)

This Triassic gliding reptile (Icarosaurus siefkeri) evolved to sport extended ribs that support its gliding membrane, Csotonyi writes on his website; as such, I. siefkeri and "the living flying dragon (Draco volans) are an excellent example of convergent evolution, in which relatively unrelated organisms under similar selection pressures independently evolve similar characteristics," he writes.

Paleo-Art: Dinosaurs Come to Life in Stunning Illustrations

Paleoartists Flesh out Fossil Finds Icarosaurus siefkeri by Julius Csotonyi. Image copyright of the artist.

The Cinereous Mourner (Laniocera hypopyrra) chick, found in lowland forests in the Amazon basin, mimics a toxic caterpillar in appearance and behavior to avoid being eaten. (As an adult bird it will look nothing like this.) / New Scientist

The bird that mimics a toxic caterpillar - Laniocera hypopyrra (the cinereous mourner) (Image: Santiago David-Rivera)

dandelions and dragonflies: Upgrade

prefixes and suffixes Foldable idea for root words On top of the flap they wrote the word they chose. Under the flap they had to write the definition and a sentence, some chose to draw a picture too.

▶ Bombardier Beetle Defies Evolution - YouTube- Fall week 8 - insects. Or anytime with our Rhetoric discussions.

We serve an awesome God! Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution - The Bombardier Beetle.