Omnisports Vinyl

Omnisports is a synthetic sports floor that can accommodate a multitude of sporting and non-sporting events. With several shock absorbent thicknesses to choose from, Omnisports can be customized to meet the needs of athletes of all ages and skill sets and is the 1st indoor sports surface to be Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
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"When deciding what company to work with, the university conducted a competitive bid process, which ultimately led them to Precision Athletic Surfaces. “They were not the lowest bidder, but for the surfaces we wanted, they were the company that could provide that to us. Then we also did some reference checks and they had great references.”

A wear layer is a critical part of vinyl athletic flooring. It protects the appearance and pattern of the floor. Click hear to learn more about the wear layer of Omnisports.

A VAT (Vinyl Asbestos Tile) encapsulation using Tarkett Sports Omnisports 6.5 GreenLay in Danby, Vermont

Joplin, MO Schools Athletic Director, Jeff Starkweather Discusses Omnisports in a High School

Tarkett Sports Omnisports 6.5 & HPL are featured throughout the 19,000 square foot Rider University Student Recreation Center in Lawrenceville, NJ.

Tarkett Sports Omnisports can overlay your aged maple basketball court. This gym in Long Island was home to an old maple floor, which was covered with Multiply Performance Hardwood Veneer Flooring Underlayment and then finished with a new Omnisports GreenLay 6.5 system.

Omnisports is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports surfaces in North America. This video offers a 1-minute glance at what makes Omnisports the ideal multi-use sports floor.

The embossed surface of Omnisports is designed to provide texture without creating areas which trap dirt, reducing the need for cleaning and saving maintenance costs. Click the image to read more on the Omnisports maintenance instructions.

Every church needs a space where people can gather and relationships can form. With the versatility to host sporting events, dinners, and other events, Hahira United Methodist Church chose Omnisports to help create a foundation for fellowship in their new family life center.

Completed Tarkett Sports Omnisports 8.3 GreenLay installation in White Plains, New York.

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Principal Architect Walter Altman of Altman + Barrett Architects in Hahira, Georgia has been using the Omnisports GreenLay™ system for years. In this video, he discusses how GreenLay™ responds to installation in the humid climates of the Southeast.

Tarkett Sports Omnisports 5.0 and Tarkolay slip-sheet installed in April of 2015 in Vineland, NJ. Maple Design court with a Sky Blue border.

GreenLay™ is a revolutionary sports flooring installation system for Omnisports 6.5 mm and 8.3 mm. This video offers a quick overview of the GreenLay™ system in less than a minute.

Tarkett Sports Omnisports 6.5 Greenlay in Golden Maple and Green Maple in Quaker Hill, CT.

Tarkett Sports Omnisports 5.0 on Tarkolay slipsheet moisture barrier in Pequannock Township, NJ

Tarkett Sports Omnisports 6.5 installed in Golden Maple design in Marlboro, NJ

Waterford Country School's Otto Graham Gymnasium in Waterford, CT. - A welcome sound in the new gymnasium as students dribbled basketballs as the first class took the court.

Omnisports cushioned sports vinyl is a synthetic sports floor that can accommodate a multitude of sporting and non-sporting events. Click the image above to download the latest brochure.

Carolina Courts Chooses Omnisports GreenLay™ Carolina Courts chose Omnisports GreenLay™ to help make its sports facilities a success. With two identical buildings and a total of 86,000 sq. ft. of playing area, Omnisports GreenLay™ provided better indoor air quality, less waste, easier maintenance, and much more.

The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque Chooses Omnisports. In 1974, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque chose Tarkett flooring for its gym. The same floor lasted for nearly 40 years. In 2013, the Boys and Girls Club invested in a new Omnisports floor from Tarkett Sports, which was installed without removing the original floor.

Omnisports 8.3 GreenLay in Maple and Blue Maple in Woodstock, CT

Tarkett Sports 8.3 will be used for the Special Olympics in Alaska. Show here is the Maple Design with Red Maple keys and border.

An elevated running track using Omnisports 8.3.

Not only for gymnasiums! As part of the NYC Department of Education’s initiative for more active, healthier children, the school converted a space within the existing school into a dedicated dance studio for the students using Tarkett Sports Omnisports 6.5 at the Robert Wagner Secondary School of Arts & Technology in Queens.

Tarkett Sports 6.5 in Maple at Westfield State University's Wellness Center in Westfield, MA.