Short Girl Problems

How is this a short girl problem? Because tall people wear exclusively capri pants? Tall people needa calm down.

Yes, Short Girl Problems! -___-

Tall girl problem when u have to push the seat back in ur car before u get in cause short people drive ur car

Story of my life.... lol... Short girl problem

Short girl problems: When you stand on your tippy toes and you still are shorter than your friends.

Short People Problems

If I stretch my legs out alllll the way, I can put my feet against the empty theater seat in front of me


short girl problems - I hate this, so I sit criss-cross applesauce

Short Girl Problems.

Yep living with my fiancee and his roommate and they call the shower a midget shower but it perfect for me lol. Unfortunately they have to move the shower head n i till have to do this :/