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Before and After: Mallory Knapp

Most success stories always seem to start with a somewhat depressing and sad tale that lays the groundwork for a truly triumphant ending.

Freedom of the TBI Survivor

Brain May Control Progression of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Jon Knisley's Success Story

Under rated, under motivated, and overlooked were just a few words to describe me before I got in shape. A year and a half ago, I was just above “a lo.

Life's Unpredictable, Grab The Wheel and Drive

Life's Unpredictable, Grab The Wheel and Drive

Competitive Character Traits

Competitive Character Traits

Shocking the Muscles Or Over Thinking Your Training?

The old school train of thought was to frequently switch things up in the gym to “shock your muscles” in order for them to grow.

Pushing Away Fears And Slaying The Beast

There is no question that I am a chronic overachiever and a very stubborn and determined woman. As a result of these personality traits, I have been a.

How To Achieve That Winning Mindset

One of the things that has always set me a part from the rest of the women I competed against is my winning mindset. Now that I am a coach this is an.

Five Tips for A Perfect Pre-Workout

Rich Kite gives us the low-down on how to lift like a pro. So if you want the ultimate lifting tips, from an experienced Olympic Weightlifting Coach, pay attention! As an Olympic Weightlifting coac.


In every issue of every bodybuilding/fitness publications there are dozens and dozens of pages dedicated to sets, reps, exercises, routines, and inten.

Developing the Mindset

Let’s talk about "mindset," which I consider to be an essential contributor to athletic success and a mental area. This topic is also where profession.

Physique Workout of the Week: Quads of the Gods

Weight loss can seem complicated, but keeping it simple is key. IFBB Pro Corey Hammac provides you with insight.

Physique Workout of the Week: Vertical Back & Calves

This week’s workout is all about building lats worthy of a flying squirrel with calves that make people hungry for veal when they look at them! I have a lot of success with splitting up back days between vertical pull movements and horizontal.