Inexpensive Do it yourself nail polish wall rack. Fits around 90+ nail polishes. Very sturdy. All made from foam board and hot glue.

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DIY Homemade Earring Holder Stand Using Foam Board and an Old Picture Frame

DIY Earring Storage Stand - Mom 4 Real

DIY Illuminated Canvas using Sharpies and Mini Lights,,, so easy!

DIY Illuminated Canvas! {Sharpie Art}

DIY Nail polish rack tutorial made out of 2 foam boards, ribbon, and hot glue. Can customize size, ribbon and colors. Cost $8 (THIS IS FOR YOU DE)

DIY Nail Polish Rack

Foam board ribbon shelf instructions.

Let's Make a Ribbon Shelf!

Foam Core Board used to make a ribbon holder. Have never seen foam board in black before. Interesting!

-: Ribbon Holder in Black!!!

Ink Pad Holder supplies needed - foam board (4 pieces) 20" x 30", 3/16" thick craft knife and several extra b...

Syzygy of Me: Foam Board Project Dimensions

French memory Board/ made from foam board

Christen’s Crafts: How To Make A Picture Memory Board

How To Make a Large Monogram Cutout The Easy Way - In My Own Style

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How to make drawer dividers out of foam board Organization - Cut to size, stick in drawers to divide contents

Pink So Foxy: DIY Drawer Organizers

45 Smart Creative and Beautiful DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

45 Beautiful DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

One-Minute Rope in a Fish Bowl is the nautical DIY that will change your foyer starting now.

The 52 Easiest And Quickest DIY Projects Of All Time

How to dye Styrofoam. #Makeitfuncrafts with #ritdye.

Crafting with Styrofoam {Halloween craft} - Debbiedoo's

Styrofoam Wall Art

Styrofoam Wall Art

Instructions for building a cornice board- foam insulation board instead of plywood, and a hot glue gun instead of nails.

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Decide on your clock's shape. Adhere paper to foam-core board using spray adhesive. Cut out the desired shape using a crafts knife. If desired, paint chipboard numbers in a coordinating color; let dry. Attach to the clock face with glue. Mark the location for the clockworks. Using a 5/16-inch-diameter dowel sharpened to a point (or a round pencil or awl), puncture a 5/16-inch hole. Carefully trim excess paper from the hole with a crafts knife. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to att...

Easy-to-Make Clock

foam-core board. Connect them with tiny craft hinges (available at your local crafts store). Then use spray adhesive to attach color copies of the patterns or your own nature photographs

Do-It-Yourself Decorating

foam board base

Thrifty Decor Chick: A dollar store fall wreath

diy frame - stained bead board, foam board

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DIY bulletin board. Picture frames with foam core & fabric!

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Paint removable foam board and place it in the back of the bookcase, giving the look of a painted bookshelf, but without the commitment.

Recently: A Bookcase Project...

Foam board covered w fabric. Pin Christmas cards to it!

DIY Christmas Wall Art

foam board and scrapbook paper!

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