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Get the 411 on aquafaba — the latest egg replacement vegans need to know about

Aquafaba is a substitute for eggs in many recipes for vegans and people with food allergies. We've got the scoop on what you need to know.

Get the 411 on aquafaba — the latest egg replacement vegans need to know about

Homemade Vegan Mayonnaise

Homemade Vegan Mayo with Aquafaba

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I've had my ThermoPop and Chef Alarm for about 6 months now and so glad I went with ThermoWorks after my other temp probe (different company) went kaput. This ThermoPop is great for all my grilling needs. The quality is so superior to other cooking thermometers out there. Light years ahead of anybody else. I can see why chefs use products from this company. I love the features and simplicity of the Thermo Pop. I use it every time I grill and the quick response time, rotating display of temperature and back light display have all come in handy. It's simply to use and is a big plus. Super happy with both products from ThermoWorks. I just couldn't afford the quicker Thermopen and the Chef Alarm in one purchase but really, a second or two slower with the ThermoPop makes no difference to me since I'm just a home cook. Handy feature to be able to put it in it's sheath and carry it around in a pocket too when you're going back & forth while your meat is cooking.


These BBQ Chicken Recipes Will Make You Fire Up Your Grill : Mexican BBQ Chicken

Mexican BBQ Chicken - Best BBQ Chicken Recipes for Grilling

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Thai Food: The Ultimate Guide

Thai food is one of the world’s great cuisines.

Thai Food: The Ultimate Guide

Frozen Fudge Pops! With coconut milk and avocado. Change what I need to change for a safe treat

Frozen Fudge Pops - Au Naturale!

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Street food tofu squares

Street food tofu or Crispy Fried Tofu is a fantastically simple and healthy dish to make at home -

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Sherry john's favorite crabcakes

SHERRY JOHN'S FAVORITE CRABCAKES with a few mods for me, it's the best!



Mint Julep Cupcakes : Food Network

Mint Julep Cupcakes : If downing a cupcake sounds like a lot more fun than knocking back a drink, we hear you. With a vanilla-bourbon batter and a minty bourbon frosting, these winning cupcakes come with all the flavor (and a fraction of the buzz) of the classic drink. For an extra punch of bourbon, brush some on the tops of the freshly baked cupcakes.

Mint Julep Cupcakes : Food Network