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Guns & Glam

Stylish firearms and accessories for the gun tote'n mama.

Guns & Glam

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Engraved Colt, Open Top Frontier Revolver. Circa 1875.

SIG Sauer Germany Prestige pistol - sweet mother of God I need this gun!

Mini-revolver (22 Magnum, perhaps?) customized with turquoise and other accents.

North American Arms NAA Exotica Customizations

Silver and sheik.

Ooh! Looks like a 22 revolver with a nautical-themed gold inlay. Nicely done!

Engraved AR-15 with gorgeous acid/marble effects. Add a little class to your bad-ass.

Stunning 9 mm handgun (a Colt 1911, perhaps?), anodized black with pearl grip, engraved gold leafing throughout. I love this so much I'd marry it.

It's big. It's tough. It'

Girls and Guns: The Rise of Women Carrying Concealed Weapons

Donne e armi: negli Usa è boom di donne che comprano pistole
  • Kevin Michael
    Kevin Michael

    Good Girls

  • Jodi Perkins
    Jodi Perkins

    Hell yes.

Golden AK-47 with red grips. Interesting!

Golden Weapon from Saddam’s Armory (18 pics)

Steam punk revolver replica 'laser light' (translation: NOT an actual gun). PLEASE OH PLEASE someone make this one for real.

  • sunny weather
    sunny weather


  • Edith Fay Metzger
    Edith Fay Metzger

    Make it real***********†

  • GunBox

    love this!

Yeah baby...pimp my Glock.


PI-26 in prettily patterned polished chrome.

PI-26 | Pistols Exclusive - Ceska zbrojovka

Elegant semi-automatic ladies pistol with classy wood grip. LOVE.

Dangerous and Beautiful Guns

Shera lost her gun.

Suzy Homefaker: My Diva Gun Fetish

For the girl who doesn't do pink... a Kahr Arms 9 mm semi-auto handgun in eye-catching teal with matching case.

  • Diana Gisonda
    Diana Gisonda

    Me too !!!

  • Jodi Perkins
    Jodi Perkins

    I would definitely be more than happy to take one in each color. :-D

  • Amanda Cronauer
    Amanda Cronauer

    Anyone know how much it is?!

  • Ivy Williams
    Ivy Williams

    Yeah! Id like to know how much too! Nice piece

  • Jodi Perkins
    Jodi Perkins

    No clue. :-(

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38 Special in elegant silver/black. Want. Bad.

Pink SKS rifle with gold accents.

Explosion of pink (pun intended). :-D

Flowered handgun with matching pump perfume spray bottle. Just don't accidentally squeeze the wrong one.

Delicate porcelain handguns

Delftware meets oozie....

Sig Sauer p238 with metallic rainbow finish. Cuuuuuuuuuute!

Ladies' pistol in eye-poppin' blue.

Feminine, flowery ladies pistol (50 cal. Desert Eagle, I believe?).

Sexy pink 38 special with lipstick cartridges.

  • Cynthia Chafins
    Cynthia Chafins

    Love it! Pretty in pink would match my pink camos

  • Kevin Michael
    Kevin Michael

    Sweet I would like to see that