Ziza Reclaimed

The next direction of Ziza The Roving Tea Truck. Combining natural materials (bone, shell, rock, branches) with reclaimed items (bedposts, fence boards, windows, old furniture) to create an immersive, feral roving wolf den, tea truck. Ziza is an artist residency project by Jessi Janusee at The Generator in Reno, NV. For more information please check out - http://rxwburn.com/
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Occasional color. Evaristus Chukwuemeka Obodo aka Eva Obodo, Nigeria, mixed media art

Evaristus Chukwuemeka Obodo aka Eva Obodo, Nigeria, mixed media art I'm thinking driftwood wrapped with threads & fabric strips

Fences are another perfect material.

Landscape Paintings and photographs Picture Description Beautiful Wood Farm Fence

Tom Stogdon, sculpteur  (Thin layered stones)

paradis express: Tom Stogdon I would really like to have a fountain made from something like this.

Translating our wolf energy into our den.

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Thomas Francisco - Wood, 2011, Sculpture “Déjà vu Henge as Muse”  *standing wood on end

Mandala with drift wood Thomas Francisco - Wood, Sculpture “Déjà vu Henge as Muse”

by Wolf Brüning (I really love the stones set into the wood.)

Stones Within Wood by Wolf Brüning Detail of a modern art sculpture on the Darß peninsula, Germany So simple and yet the stones set in the wood for contrast is just so very unusual and unique! I love the artists choice of stones!

They want to be together.

Driftwood hurricane could easily make your own using a clear glass vase, twigs or driftwood, and a hot glue gun