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Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia  ·  Sprout is a full service creative agency who specialise in brand management, graphic design, marketing strategies, indigenous communication, websites & more!
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generative brand

Exploratorium Generative Identity by ADAA Gallery

LED lamp + bubble, awesome :)

"Surface Tension Lamp" by FRONT The spherical form of a soap bubble has been frequently appropriated by neo-materialists such as Manuel Delanda, who finds in.

zuku generative art generic

patterns created for the generic brand & in elements of corporate branding.

1 | A 3-D Printed House That Grows Like Human Bone | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Her living space - but not so creepy "ProtoHouse by Softkill Design. London architecture team Softkill Design has designed a conceptual house that would be printed in sections in a factory and fitted together on site (+ interview transcript).

awesome light projection/performance by a dandypunk.

Dandypunk travels through various fantastical worlds, interacting with strange characters and treacherous landscapes, in the hope of unfolding the secrets and learning the techniques from the ancient book of "The Alchemy of Light".

Pin It Branding Iron for BIC Lighters by duann on Shapeways

Check out Pin It Branding Iron for BIC Lighters by duann on Shapeways and discover more printed products in Other.