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Genius vinegar hacks that will make your chores so much easier

Whether you're budget-conscious, eco-friendly, or haven't had time to stock up on cleaning supplies, it helps to have a few common uses for vinegar up your sleeve. You might have pinned them before on Pinterest, but we've made it easy for you by gathering some of the best quickie vinegar hacks in one place. Who knew one little ingredient could be used to deodorize, sanitize, or even marinate meat? #lifehacks

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Top 36 Excellent DIY Cleaning Hacks

Deep clean your glass cooktop with these 3 ingredients that you already have at your house!!! I Tried this and it totally works!! My stove top is super clean!

Top 36 Excellent DIY Cleaning Hacks

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17 Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide that We Bet You Didn't Know

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Pinner says "Ok, I just tried this and it seriously did work. I did it twice on a burner that's had scorch marks for a year or more and they're gone! For anyone as OCD about cleaning as I am, this is a must! I would be prepared to do it at least twice, more if you've got bad burns. This really works!!!"

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