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Sterling Property Services Hendersonville

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A closer look at the molding and how the details were revealed by the glaze.

The details of this beautiful crown molding in an historic home in Asheville had been obscured by layers of paint. Sandy applied a glaze that brought them into relief, so that the vines and grapes and birds were visible again.

Roger was able to give this badly weathered deck a fresh start by washing, sanding, patching, re-setting the nails, priming and refinishing it.

Roger found that the last time the house was painted, the dry rot wasn't repaired, it was simply painted over. Although the damage on this fascia is extensive, he'll be able to repair it so that it won't be necessary to replace the entire board.

Here's Roger repairing the areas of dry rot on a cupola. He removes the rotted wood, fills the space with an epoxy patch, caulks the cracks, then sands and primes before painting.

Preparation included extensive patching and caulking before the surfaces were sanded and primed.

A small deck off the kitchen. Notice that the downspout on the right has been painted to blend with the wood and disappear.

Another front door with sun damage to the lower half, after being restored by Roger.