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Circle time song choice board! Children go up and remove the song they want and Velcro it to the "let's sing" spot!

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Rhyming Books that You Can SING!

Rhyming Books: Learning to music has benefits; singing is catchy and the words are easier to remember. Books to song gives kids a melody to follow. Students can also learn patterns within the language by singing and listening to books that rhyme.

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Introducing Music Appreciation Through Children's Books

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14 Best Classical Music Tracks for Kids

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Music and Sound table. Ages 5 and up NC Foundations Domain: Approaches to play and learning. NC Foundations Subdomain: Attentiveness, Effort, and persistence. Play and imagination \ Goal Goal Goal APL Goal Goal

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10 DIY Music Shakers and 4 Shaker Activities

Get musical with your kids - it doesn't have to be hard! Try these 10 DIY music shaker ideas and 4 easy music activities

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Exploring the Science of Sound with Homemade Instruments

Explore the Science of Sound with these Homemade Instruments! These DIY musical instruments make great STEM activities for kids of all ages! ~

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COLORSTAFF & 8-NOTE HANDBELLS SET - Introduce the music staff and play melodies or chords on hand bells using this hanging 28" x 28" fabric staff and 8-note bells.96 felt circles with Velcro fasteners are easily placed and removed from the staff. Includes 12 of each note in the C major scale with colors coordinated to Hand bells. Add a second Color Staff for longer songs. Ages 3-up.

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