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Spunky Fluff
Spunky Fluff

Spunky Fluff

Maker of fine American craft; exhibiting at fine craft galleries across the United States and Canada. See more at www.spunkyfluff.com.

Honu by Kate & Will Jacobson: Ceramic Vessel available at www.artfulhome.com

pretty wedding quilt idea, if you like applique. You could get family members from both sides to sign a piece of paper... then embroider that signature on a leaf.

Waisted baggy linen long shirt doll version - white

clay ceramic sculpture animal clown by sara swink donkey

DiY: clay ceramic sculpture animals: by sara swink

Quirks of Art on Instagram: “I loooove this card...could be my life motto . Art and words by the incredibly talented @erinsmithart . Card - $3.85, in stock now. #victory #defeat #erinsmith #card #art #keepitquirky #quirksofart #kinksandquirks

Marble run

Amy Poehler (positive uplifting people) the ones who make you feel unsupported or not included ... Kick to the curb!

Fresh Corn Griddle Cakes With Spicy Salsa Recipe - NYT Cooking

Bubble Calendar - A Poster Sized Wall Calendar with a Bubble to Pop Everyday

Sculptural storytelling

Art du Jour by Martha Lever: Mixed Media Pear...... thinking about doing a series of fruit and veggie paintings for kitchen, inspiration!

wall of mirrors / milk magazine