kids.quenalbertini: Sweet hungry child from Sherpa | Rene Ghilini

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<3 , from Iryna

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OH MY GOSH!!! This looks exactly like my granddaughter & I Took a picture of her at 2yrs. Old with this same exact expression on her face... UNBELIEVABLE <3 <3 & she is 16 now. Year: 2015

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A snowy owl looking at the camera in the animal park in Neumuenster, German

Pictures of the day: 5th March 2016

Cute Kitten

Cuty Kitten | Ipick Pic

photos by Lee Jefferies check out his site here

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"La infancia tiene sus propias maneras de ver, pensar y sentir; nada hay más insensato que pretender sustituirlas por las nuestras."

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Warm - Photograph at

Warm - Photograph at

Mekong, Vietnam Water Pails

Southeast Asia People

Tired little Mila II by John Wilhelm on 500px

Tired little Mila II

Common Grackle

Common-Grackle – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

Best of Russia 2014

The Best of Russia 2014: Photography competition winners

Today: Siberian tiger love, Brick Lego show and the Aussie Darth Vader

Pictures of the day: 11 December 2015

Adelie penguin close-up, Paulet Island, Antarctica

Blue Ice: A journey through the Antarctic with Alex Bernasconi, in pictures

Portrait of a Marine, Korean War 1950 | LIFE in the Korean War: Classic Photos by David Douglas Duncan |

Korean War: Classic Photos by David Douglas Duncan |

“I was told he had come back from playing and found his house a shambles—his mother, father and brother dead under the rubble…he was looking up at the sky, his face an expression of both confusion and defiance. The defiance made him look like a young Winston Churchill. This photograph was used by IBM to publicize a show in London. The boy grew up to become a truck driver after the war, and walking past the IBM offices, he recognized his picture.” WW 2

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One of three young Oriental small-clawed otters eats a meatball in a zoo in Dresden, eastern Germany. The oriental small-clawed otter female Fussi gave birth to 3 healthy pups. Its pups now leave their burrow to explore the environment.

Pictures of the day: 18 June 2015

love love love the pout!

Blue by Sarah Vander Heide | 500px

makes you smile

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Best Overall Winner: UM Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science best overall photo, Japanese War Bonnet Photo: Andrey Shpatak

Stunning Sea Life: University of Miami's Underwater Photo Contest Winners

hot pants and suede boots

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KATANA by mazgrp, via Flickr. It's good to start early.

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