Old MacDonald Had a Farm - You Tube Video, very cute for kids: Use this as motivation one day or a brain break.

We get to see baby ducklings behind the house in the lake every spring. This past spring a mama and her nine babies would cross the street in front of our house every evening at sharp! We would all rush outside to watch every night!

Cute youtube video about the power of working together.  Synergize

Teaching kids the power of teamwork. The Power of Union is Strength - Crabs VS Ants VS Penguins Advertisement.

Brain break

am Official Madagascar 2 Music Video: I Like To Move It - great for a Brain Break

Bulbul ka bacha khata tha khichri peeta tha paani Bulbul ka bacha,Gata tha gaane mere sarhane Bulbul ka bacha,Ik din akeela betha huwa tha Bulbul ka bacha,Mein ne uraya wapis na aya,Bulbul ka bacha (My fav)

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