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quip is honest, simple and accessible oral care that helps you focus on the basics your dentist has been teaching since you were young: 1) Brush for a full two minutes with our timed vibrating bristles 2) Brush twice daily with help from our slim metal handle designs and travel cover that doubles as wall mount and 3) Ensure your brush head is refreshed every 3 months with our $5 head delivery service. quip makes oral health accessible to everyone and starts at only $25 when ordering today!

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Ring, a video doorbell that connects to your smartphone.

Ring Products

Smarter lights, powered by the light of day.

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R2D2 Nixon Time Teller SW

Time Teller SW | Men's Watches

The Colors of Motion

Request a Movie! Get a movie of your choice made into a poster

This solid, sturdy little cube is a stealthy cord organizer. Beautiful sapele and maple wood is handcrafted around a steel core to keep cables anchored firmly to your desk or tabletop. Three grooved slots and silicone feet keep thin cords straight and secure, all while looking like natural home décor.

Gorilla Baby: Wooden Cord Organizer

Storyboard Moleskine

Storyboard Notebook - Large

Roadtrip | Second Hero


BASICS Wallet: Black #want


a throw & go drone coming early next year. looks pretty cool... I think Lily will to drones what GoPro is to cameras.

Home page - Lily

The Grab Laptop Folio by @hardgraft is worth buying on looks alone. Add to that these features and how could you not buy it. Features include: Fits a range of MacBooks, as well as many tablets | Pure German Wool Felt (3mm) to protect from bumps and scratches | Extra large leather pocket on the outside for cables, iphone, thin books | Iconic Grab Handle | Scratch free nylon Zipper Closure | Handmade in Italy | Über Premium Vegetable Tanned Italian Leather | #nattyguy #spon

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Vintage Swedish Teak Record Cabinet - Mid Century, Credenza, Wood, Buffet, Book Shelf.

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SoundTouch™ wireless adapter for CineMate® systems

Bose® SoundTouch™ wireless adapter for CineMate® systems | Bose

Action Book

Action Book by Behance | The Ghostly Store

Storyboard Moleskine // Want. No, need.

Storyboard Notebook - Large - Moleskine ®

A storyboard Moleskine?!? Want. No, need.

Storyboard Notebook - Large - Moleskine ®

sweet iPhone wallpapers by Benj Haisch

iPhone Wallpapers | Benj Haisch | Photographer

Triumph Cafe Tracker by Vintage Racers // that blue stripe...


Bermuda Turntable by Crosley

Crosley | Product Detail

I liked this design on #Fab. Player Turntable Mahogany

I liked this design on #Fab. Player Turntable Mahogany

Nixon's Snazzy Tri-Fold Wallet.

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Road to Seeing:Amazon:Books

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Ex Libris, Latin for "from the books", marks the books of my wife. Her library is now WAY more awesome thanks to the pocket embosser from Fred Lake.

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Trey Hill

make a Lego Shelf - Great idea for displaying creations!

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