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High tech - always on the edge

High tech gadgets, web trends, software, photography, audio and video.... if you spare some money look here to find something to buy ;) This board is open. If you would like to participate please reach out on twitter @squerne

High tech - always on the edge

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Robots could soon replace human security guards | The K5 robot is designed to detect anomalous behavior, such as someone walking through a building at night, and report back to a remote security center. [Future Robots: Robotics Books: Robots for Home:]

Sony's voice-controlled speaker can follow you around the room

The JynxBox Android HD mini is a new Android Mini PC from Jynx Media that is powered by an Amlogic 8726 M3 chipset. The JynxBox mini looks like a bulky USB flash drive. Despite its rather tiny size, the JynxBox Mini is in fact a full computer that runs on Android OS. You just plug it into a spare HDMI port on your TV, attach a keyboard and mouse and it turns the TV into a huge Android tablet PC. The JynxBox mini comes with XBMC, the popular digital media management and player app. #Android

Dr Dre MIXR Adorned With Swarovski Crystals

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Special Color Edition

Tag Heuer Fuchsia MERIDIIST GMT Dressed in Snake Skin

Limited Edition Skullcandy Headphones by D

24ct Gold Plated Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones

The BAT is a levitating wireless computer mouse. Not only does the BAT look minimalist and futuristic, it uses smart technology and has as ergonomic design.

Employees at a high-tech office center in Stockholm, Sweden no longer need to worry if they have misplaced their work keys, or accidentally left their identification lanyard on their desk. All they need to get back into the Epicenter office complex is their hand. Over 700 employees have been offered a new form of identification called radio-frequency identification (RFID), which is a microchip that is around 12 mm long and is embedded just under the employee's skin using a syringe. Not only a form of identification, the chips can also communicate with surrounding objects to do things like open doors, send a document to a secure printer, or even communicate with a mobile phone to share a business card with a colleague. Although not all of those offered have chosen to partake, this might just be the next step into a new phase of human-machine convergence.

Does your mom love travelling? Gift her that holiday to her favorite holiday destination. And to make sure that she is well rested on the plane or train while getting there, get her the Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow.

Stryd – The World’s First Wearable Power Meter for Running by Stryd — Kickstarter

Introducing the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1's video poster

The BAT is a levitating wireless computer mouse. Not only does the BAT look minimalist and futuristic, it uses smart technology and has as ergonomic design.

Flossing for cleaner, healthier gums has never been this easy or convenient.

The Self-Chilling Beer Glass' integrated chilling technology keeps beverages cold to the last drop, without diluting the drink with melting ice!

Send your mom off to the beach for a relaxing day and at the same time surprise her with a Shake Women’s Tote. The tote is ideal for a day at the beach as it keeps all your beach essentials in but with a simple shake of the tote, all the sand from the beach falls out.

With the Amazon Dash, mom no longer needs to go shopping at the local grocery shop. Tell the Amazon Dash what you need and the Dash’s voice recognition system will add it to your Amazon Fresh shopping basket.

Sohpia Smart Skipping Rope

The Revbox Erg is a new revolutionary stationary cycle trainer which uses air breaking to create resistance with minimal inertia.

Radium - the Professional, Easy to use Geiger Counter's video poster

PODO - The first stick and shoot camera by Podo Labs - Kickstarter

6 in 1 Desk Organizer with Bluetooth Keyboard And Tablet Stand - via #Bluetooth #BusinessCards #DeskOrganizers #Keyboard #SmartphoneStands #TabletStands #Tablets #Wireless #coolpile