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    High tech - always on the edge

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    Dolfi resembles a computer mouse and is smaller than a smart phone. Simply put your clothes into any sink or water-filled container, add detergent, and place Dolfi inside. Switch the device on and it will go to work, emitting ultrasonic waves that will not damage your clothing in any way.

    Plumen is a line of energy efficient lightbulbs that are meant to be seen, not hidden.

    Guitar Hero Live - Better than Before

    Microsoft Surface Book-- This is Microsoft’s first laptop. It’s powerful and great looking. The Surface Book is a 13.5-inch laptop reported to be more than twice as fast as a MacBook Pro. It also boasts a 6-million pixel display (267ppi), NVIDIA GeForce graphics, the latest Intel Core processor, and a 12-hour battery. The keyboard also detaches allowing you to use it as a tablet. $1500

    Sony’s LED Bulb Doubles As a Bluetooth Speaker

    Introducing Belkin's New Charge Dock with integrated charger for the Apple Watch + iPhone

    With the SCiO pocket-sized molecular sensor you will finally understand the molecules of the objects around you.

    Don't look at your next trip to the gym as a task! The Goji play will make any exercise machine into an active video game.

    Pakpod: The Stake-able, Packable, Riggable, Waterproof, All-Terrain Tripod. Stake Out Your Next Adventure.

    ZeroPi is a new generation development kit for robotic motion structure system and 3D printer with Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatible.

    A complete digital fabrication system for makers everywhere: 3D print, laser, carve, plot, assemble, pick/place + more on your desktop!

    I found 32 small tech stocking stuffers that will make your loved ones jump up in joy when they take these out of their Christmas stocking.

    Travelon Toiletry Sheets are TSA compliant paper-thin toiletry sheets that dissolve almost instantly in water, giving you a handful of cleansing suds.

    Ulo by Vivien Muller — Kickstarter. Ulo is a cute surveillance camera, a pet owl interacting with you through eye expressions.

    Flossing for cleaner, healthier gums has never been this easy or convenient.

    Gravity Sketch, the 3D sketching tablet allows you to walk through your designs and sketches.

    Asus VivoStick PC TS10

    Technics OTTAVA SC-C500 HiFi System

    Vocca is prompted by a trigger phrase which signals the adapter’s relay to transfer power from the energy source to the bulb. For the basic model, simply say “go Vocca light” to activate or deactivate the bulb. The device’s sensors will pick up the trigger phrase from a distance of up to 30 feet depending on the level of background noise. However, Vocca’s optimal distance is anything less than 15 feet.

    During extreme hiking and camping with North Paw the vibrating compass, you can't get lost as you will begin to learn to sense the north.