Get students up and moving around the room with this question or vocabulary game. Chaos.

Maris Hawkins

Chaos! The game

Best Outdoor Games - love this idea! visit for personalized invitations, thank you notes and party favors!!!

Best Outdoor Games {Life-Sized Edition}! | U Create

Fun way to teach Vocabulary Words

Magnetic Classroom Vocabulary Game

How to play the traditional spanish game of chapas

Sra Casado Teaches Bilinguals: Chapas: How to Play!

Ideas for practicing Spanish grammar

Spanish Teacher Blog

*An interpersonal communication activity* Interpersonal communication is the hardest skill for our students to gain confidence. How can we better prepare students to have meaningful interactions in the target language? “Emoticons” or those little images have been part of our student’s texting conversations for some time now. Then, it struck me, why not use these…

Teaching a World Language

Using “Emoticons” for creative output

I can't believe that I am posting yet another game...but I am! This is the third game that I've posted within the last week, after The Event is Right game show and the Is it Possible? game board. T...

The Unfair Game

Foreign Language Verb Form or Vocabulary Card Game-New Twist on Memory (French, Spanish, World Language)

World Language Classroom

Foreign Language Verb Form or Vocabulary Card Game-New Twist on Memory

Trashketball and other games for middle and high school students that require little to zero effort.

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File Folder Game for Preterite and Imperfect

Debbie's Spanish Learning: File Folder Game for Preterite and Imperfect

PAINTED PAPER: Mexican Mirrors What a wonderful art project to make, especially for 16 de septiembre!

PAINTED PAPER: Mexican Mirrors

Minute to Win It! (¡Un minuto para ganarlo!) 1.match the most vocab 2.fill in words in a Spanish song 3.write the most vocab words and meanings 4.fill in a reading with blanks 5. Answer Spanish questions 6.write Spanish words from memory based on a photo 7.put together mixed up Spanish sentences 8.Read passage aloud & answer questions 9.most verbs in sentences/chart 10.write the most whole sentences

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Guess Where? | Board Game | I put the "Guess Who?" game on my wish list that I went over with the parents of my students at curriculum night. Today I got this instead...Guess Where?...and it's PERFECT! I didn't know it existed but now I can put it at a station and they can practice which family member is located where in the vocab, house vocab AND best of all...ESTAR practice!! I appreciate the great parents in my district for helping out!

Guess Where? | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Spanish Photo Scavenger Hunts Tips for photo scavenger hunts with kids learning language and 3 printable hunts.

Spanish Playground

Spanish Photo Scavenger Hunts - Spanish Playground

Verbs & nouns....

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15 Games for the Foreign Language Classroom!

Maris Hawkins

Throwback Thursday: 15 Games for the FL Class

Spanish Uno

Spanish Simply: Teaching Students Colors in Spanish Part 2: Games

They used this for Spanish terms, but could be modified for vocab and tons of other things! The post also mentions uses for UNO!

Idea #94: JENGA or UNO? Group Speaking Games to Review

Señora Baxters Spanish Class: Grab It Game - Modified for Conjugation

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Spanish Stem-Changing Verb Activities - Magic Squares

Spanish Stem-Changing Verb Activities - Magic Squares

word roll game...English to Spanish or Spanish def to Spanish vocab word. Create a blank template and kids can fill in the blank w vocab

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Class game to review vocabulary/grammar- just need board and markers.


Talking cards conversational activity


Talking Cards | elmundodebirch

Conversation Jenga

The Teacher (as Designer)'s Tool Box

Play Spoons in Spanish to review!