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Shop White multi block printed cape by Alaya The Storehouse | women, tunics| The Secret Label

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graduation party idea. The key to success... for family/friends to write down advice for college, living on your own, etc....


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The Ultimate Guide to Work Bags + A Giveaway | Memorandum

Poor dears, the kurtas are still seen as something of atraditionally appropriate outfit. Earlier strictly meant for culturalsensitivity, they should now be put under the most revamped outfit list withthese pointers!


10 Ways To Wearing The Kurta Without Losing Your Fashion Credibility


The Hunt: Washable Pants

We haven't talked about washable pants for work outfits in FAR too long -- we found 'em for regular ladies, for curvy ladies, for cusp sizes, for plus sizes, for petites, for talls, for people (like me) who prefer a shorter length but a regular size... it's pretty extensive. :) Come check it out.


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