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    A list of Broadway Shows that can be found in full on YouTube!! BEST PIN OF MY LIFE!!

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    Little girls birthday party idea! Looks like a magical and magnificent way to make an entrance.

    Celebrate The Day

    These Insanely Awesome Paper Plate Wings | 24 DIY Fairy, Dragon, And Butterfly Wings For Kids

    24 DIY Fairy, Dragon, And Butterfly Wings For Kids

    100 quotes ready to print out, cut apart and put in a hat! Includes activity instructions for using the quotes.

    Shakespeare Quotes - Drama Notebook

    Here are 32 short scripts of calls made to the local emergency line that will have you and your students rolling with laughter. Students will learn about the importance of staying in character and practice their comedic timing skills.

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    Students can perform Macbeth in under a minute by using this printout of Macbeth in Eleven Lines! Includes instructions.

    Macbeth in Eleven Lines - Drama Notebook

    FREE DRAMA GAME~ Space Walk~ This activity helps actors to get to know their space as well as practice using their bodies in different ways. Establish clearly defined boundaries for the players to stay inside. Read more... www.dramanotebook...

    Space Walk - Drama Notebook

    Young actors often focus on line delivery rather than listening to their scene partner. Here are ten original one-page scripts designed to help your older students learn to focus on their fellow actor and practice using natural-sounding dialogue.

    10 Practice Scenes for Pairs - Drama Notebook

    Would you like to put on a show featuring the work of Dr. Seuss without having to commit to a full-length musical production? Here is a show outline that features 21 Dr. Seuss stories that can be performed easily by your group!

    Dr. Seuss Show Outline - Drama Notebook

    Over 100 different types of characters for you to use with your improv or drama activities.

    Types of Characters - Drama Notebook

    Quick and easy guide to making blocking notations!

    How to Write Blocking Notations

    {FREE} Roll-a-Story Writing Activity for Beginning Writers! and storytelling...what a great twist on this activity...i think i might have to modify this for spanish:)

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    Excellent for teaching concepts and creativity in English

    Drama Resource - Creative Ideas for Teaching Drama

    Activities: An Adverb Acting Game I do this, and my kids always love doing it (even the ones who think they are too cool most of the time) #adverbs #grammar

    An Adverb Acting Game

    Teaching drama? Here are 40 classic drama games every drama teacher should know. Drama Notebook has the world's largest collection of drama games and activities.

    Drama Games for Kids and Teens — Drama Notebook

    Tons of FREE Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays!

    Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays for the Classroom

    "cardboard tree" -set design

    Joe Brubaker's "Exquisite Garden" sculpture project...

    I *totally* could have used this last year when I was trying to create a program for a Tea Party themed OES event. Oh well, I have it now! - How to build a Mad Hatter Hat

    Burton's Mad Hatter Hat

    How to choose an audition song, by Lai Rupe's Choreography

    How to Choose an Audition Song


    Things Musicals Taught Me

    Looking into a dark theater during rehearsal, shutting out every distraction, putting aside all inhibitions, and just having FUN. That is why I love theater.

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    Create the floating rose from Beauty and the Beast. | 21 DIY Ways To Make Your Child's Bedroom Magical

    21 DIY Ways To Make Your Child's Bedroom Magical

    How To: Surreal DIY Cloud Backdrop (supposedly for weddings but probably awesome in my house)

    How To: Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop

    lots of fun ideas on this website. Take normal clothing and MODIFY it!! :)

    Victorian Steampunk Clothing

    How to make a weapon using expanding foam. I love her work!

    Holy light, give me strenght!