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Self Reliant School

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Eat For Free: Wild Food and Foraging

Try foraging uncultivated crops to allow you to get out there and find food for your family that is completely free and hugely abundant. #beselfreliant

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How To Deal With Garden Insects Naturally

How to deal with some common garden insects using natural methods instead of harsh chemicals. #beselfreliant

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Homemade Fruit Leathers – 3 Fool-Proof Recipes

It's quick and easy to make homemade fruit leathers - even the kids can do it! Here are 3 fool-proof recipes, plus ideas to create your own recipes. #beselfreliant

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How Do I Know Which Instant Pot Button To Use

This is a handy guide to show you the functions of each instant pot button. Learn which button to use for different types of cooking. #beselfreliant

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How To Make A Splint With A Paracord Bracelet

Do you have a paracord bracelet? Do you wear for emergencies, or just because it looks cool? Here I'll teach you how to use it to splint a broken limb. #beselfreliant

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The Benefits (and Risks) of Making Your Own Soap

Making soap has its dangers but if we are aware of the dangers and make the effort to do the activity in a safe manner, we reduce the risk. #beselfreliant

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7 Natural Ways To Repel Bugs

#beselfreliant Seven ways to repel bugs using natural methods - without using harsh and dangerous chemicals.

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Common Uses For Comfrey Plus An Arthritis Pain Recipe

Some of the common (and historical) medicinal uses for comfrey leaf, plus how to grow it and a recipe for an arthritis pain poultice. #beselfreliant

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How To Brew From A to Z

Name your poison - here are 44 techniques to brew your own refreshing adult beverages at home - how to brew everything from all grain to Zulu beer.

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Healthy Homemade Mexican Rice

How to make homemade Mexican rice that is healthier and more tasty than anything that comes out of a box! #beselfreliant

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