Are you worried about your teens and sexting? It's such a tricky subject! Here are five key tips to help communicate about sexting with teens.

Teens and sexting - 5 tips for parents - The Mutton Club

Let's not sit back and watch as violence and oppression and human slavery and poverty happen to our neighbors around the world... let's treat them as if they were our own brother, our own sister, our own son or daughter. Let's stand up

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Depression quote: Depression is living in a body that fights to survive, with a mind that tries to die.

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Long Term Effects of Childhood Abuse [Source: Childhood Trauma, Negative Core Beliefs, Perfectionism And Self-Injury | Healing the Hurt within | Wellbeing | How To | Read Free Online Books at How To]

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Childhood OCD - If someone in your family has it - so can your child. Do you know what signs to look for?

OCD in Children: Are you Missing the Signs?

» Traps Parents Fall Into When Caring For OCD Child - Psych Central News. Researchers have discovered that mothers tend to be more critical of children with obsessive-compulsive disorder than they are of other children in the family. The parental criticism is linked to poorer outcomes for the child even after they receive treatment for the condition.

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Abuse is never okay.

Therapist in Salt Lake City, UT | Corner Canyon Counseling

Why do victims of child sexual abuse and incest stay silent? READ THIS BLOG POST!

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OCD Moms is designed as a resource, help center and source of inspiration for all moms currently dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I’ve been battling OCD for more than half of my adult life (maybe prior) and found that parenting with OCD is complicated and challenging. Through many struggles and a lot of trial and error, I have scored some victories and feel that I am in a place where I can offer some insight and help to other moms (and dads, grandmas, sisters, uncles…).

OCD Moms | MommiFried

A personal, and sometimes graphic, story of pure O in OCD (meaning obsessive thoughts are more prominent than compulsive behaviors). "[The author has] pure O, or pure OCD, a little-known type of obsessive-compulsive disorder. People with pure O experience repetitive thoughts, doubts and mental images about things such as sex, blasphemy and murder."

Pure OCD: a rude awakening

Quote: "Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime."

What is Child Abuse? Child Abuse Definition


During April, Phoenix House recognizes all program participants who are survivors of sexual assaults, as well as the advocates who are working for positive change.

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This is so true... It crushes my sweet girl anytime someone is rude when she is polite or goes out of her way to smile at them or say hello. People need to lighten up!! ----- Always smile back at little children ….. ( quote ) So very true! How could you NOT smile at this precious little face!!!!! <3

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The problem with "stranger danger" - Beauty Through Imperfection

The problem with "stranger danger"
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Why Your Ancestors Didn't Have Anxiety or Depression and You Do. Very interesting article about nutrition.

Why Your Ancestors Didn't Have Anxiety or Depression And You Do

4 Things No One Tells You About Having OCD: "OCD isn't a quirk or a set of tendencies or a BuzzFeed list; it's an incapacitating, isolating disease that makes you afraid of your own mind. Here's what it's really like to have OCD."

4 Things No One Tells You About Having OCD

quotes about family betrayal - Google Search

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This is the letter "N" in Arabic. It is being used to brand Christians in Iraq who are being persecuted and murdered by ISIS terrorists. The letter "N" stands for Nazarene. I am posting this, along with thousands of others around the World, in hopes of raising awareness of their plight and lifting them up in prayer. May the Lord move and the World take action. Please join the fight and share this! via: Shona Judson

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Child Abuse ...handy chart to know what to do when a child shares with you that's they have been abused

How should I react?

Why ALL women need the Violence Against Women Act. #VAWA

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Sexual abuse silences children. Give your child a voice. My mama did not help me and it changed my life forever. To be abused by so many that she pushed me into being alone or in the bed with. It tortures my mind every fricking day that I breathe. They are not winning or I would not be writing this.

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When you're willing to feel it you can heal it

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