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Text features

non-fiction text features anchor chart. Focusing on non-fiction text is equally important, as much of the reading required in the junior grades is focused on non-fiction text and writing.

Coolest file folders with sticky notes on the inside that have letters on them, and she has her kids use the sticky notes to make words. When they are done making a word, they just put the sticky note back in it's "place" on the file folder. So much better than letter tiles that end up getting lost, on the floor, inside desks, you get the idea. Whenever the sticky note loses it's sticky, you just quickly make a new one for whatever letter you need. I also color coded the sticky note letters…

Making Words folder with blends, digraphs too. I made the making words folders that has just the letters and they work fabulous. no more searching for letters. great for small group guided reading . so must make these now

Alliteration Poster

Ingredients for good writing.I teach the kids to look at the word begins with ALL. I tell them that with alliteration several if not ALL of the words in a phrase or sentence begin with the same consonant sound. We practice a few tong

Cute Idea for Visualizing and Inferring

2 Fig Make inferences about text Inferencing/Visualizing Anchor Chart: mini-lessons/teaching points placed around the character


Generating Questions Lesson: Create anchor chart, discuss how asking questions while reading keeps us engaged in the story and betters our comprehension. Next, we take a quick picture walk through a big book st