DIY Paper-mache Clay for Halloween - Cheap toilet paper (measure the wet paper pulp, and use 1.24 cups – some rolls contain more paper than needed) 1 cup Joint compound from the hardware store (get “regular,” not “fast set” or “light”.) 3/4 cup Elmer’s Glue-all 1/2 cup White Flour 2 tablespoons Linseed Oil

Witch Sock Monkey by MaidenLongIsland on Etsy

OOAK Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay Art Doll Ghost by EnchantMebyLisa, $65.00

Rice Krispie Treats for Halloween. That really looks like raw meat.

Decorate the Bathroom for Halloween

DIY Candles

This woman is my new Idol! She is so creative and has such wicked great Halloween ideas. This one is just a small sample: 102 Wicked Things To Do: #30 Haunted Tree

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love this tombstone humor!

Made from chicken wire, wood, foam, mannequin hands, foam head, dress, then coated with a mixture of joint compound and exterior latex paint (called monster mud).

Monster Mud recipe for tombstones.

Bloody Footprints Runner....Run from the house not to it.

I love this site.... DIY Standing witches

Jar of spiders... a glow stick in a jar surrounded by cotton, and plastic spiders.

Gross Halloween cupcakes

Dolls Doll makeovers on Halloween Forum

half skelly half spider?! wow!

Dry ice inside a pumpkin. Add a green glowstick to make it even eerier.

DIY tutorial - Halloween styrofoam headstones

Free Printable...Halloween Lunch Box Notes

Expecto Patronum.... Not this design specifically, but I like the idea of a tattoo with a picture inside the negative space of another picture. I'd chose a different animal.


Very clever way to keep ghoulish guests on the ground floor! #halloweenparty

halloween diy

Zombie restroom signs