Lady and the Tramp wedding cake - I know you're not going to pick this one, but I love it!!

Lady and the Tramp

31 Tumblr Posts Only True Disney Fans Will Appreciate| Why do they call it Ratatouille? It sounds like a rat and a patootie.

31 Things Only True Disney Fans Will Appreciate

True story.

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disney princess swap

See How This Artist Imagines Disney Princesses as OTHER Disney Princesses

Every morning...sometimes even before the sky is awake! 😩

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The Aristocats

Extend the magic with Disney Movie Rewards

Okay, someone needs to define "child" for me. Technically, I will always be my mom's child so does that mean I get a letter? ;)

1000 Life Hacks

Cute outfit! ♥ #combatboots

CUTE OFIT on The Hunt

Live action Beauty and The Beast cast. Nobody knows how much I'm excited for this!

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It's our favorite disney princesses turned into #mousemoms !!!!!! drawings by @kristenkreevesart

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I agree with most of these. I mostly don't agree with Flynn, I think the guy who did his voice would be perfect (Zachary Levi) and I think it could be someone else for Naveen.

Actors That Should Play Disney Princes In Real Life


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This touching tribute. | 16 Of The Greatest Things To Ever Happen At A Disney Store

16 Of The Greatest Things To Ever Happen At A Disney Store

Christmas Disney Castle

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If Disney Princesses Had Moms!

If Disney Princesses Had Moms

All the time! :)

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Mulan...LOL just watched Mulan again...I'm in love with this movie

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twitterpated. told you it was real ;)

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Spot-on Disney cosplays

Spot-on Disney cosplays

Little Merida

Brave Daily Dose

animation movie GIF, puppy trying to climb stairs, falls from step, March 2015

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Community Post: Realistic Disney Princesses

Here are some real-life locations that inspired objects in famous Disney films. - #walt #disney #castles

9 Real Places That Inspired Objects in Famous Disney Films


Character Designer - Graphic Designer - Illustrator

This is supposed to be princesses and their pets, but I find it humorous that a prince is in this.

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