"In the Common Core State Standards middle and high school students are being asked to write arguments where they can write a claim that is supported by evidence. Many students find this difficult. To help them, it is easier to teach them to identify a claim and its evidence before they are asked to create one. Enclosed you will find 16 task cards. Each task card contains a controversial topic and evidence from one side of a debate" from Engaging Them All (on TpT)

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Students pondering the best change to make at Revision Station 1.

Elementary School Learning Centers in High School?


LEARNING STATIONS FOR INDEPENDENT READING: Use learning stations in middle and high school English when students are reading their own novels.

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The Ultimate List of FREE Grammar Games -- a huge list of games to teach parts of speech, punctuation, sentence types, and writing. Grammar doesn't have to be boring!

The Ultimate List of Free Grammar Games - Psychowith6


TLT: Teen Librarian's Toolbox: The Pop-Up/Mobile Makerspace Moment - creating a mobile LEGO makerspace

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5 *FREE* worksheets which can be used for analyzing literary elements OR for planning narrative writing.

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Task cards for on-grade-level reading skills

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I'm searching for how I want to implement work stations, small groups, etch. This may work.

Getting started with literacy stations in fifth grade


ELA in the middle | Middle School English, Language Arts

Inference chart


Neat idea to promote different styles of research to find the "Question of the Week"

January 2012


Current events are a great way to keep kids informed of what is going on in the world around them. This current event sheet and rubric allows students to choose an article that interests them to share with the class. They must highlight important key events, answer questions and write a summary. Students then present their current event to the class on an assigned day.

Current Events: Social Studies (Rubric included)


QUOTATION QUICK WRITES : Three-Step Formula: #1 Copy it. #2 Explain it. #3 Personalize it. (Brand new today)

Quotation Quick Writes: Copy It. Explain It. Personalize It.


$ Time flies when you are having fun! Teach idioms through this interactive game! #figurativelanguage

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Blog post about Footloose - a very engaging review activity! I like this idea but would add some stations with diagrams or pieces that that they would have to put together and show me.

Middle School Math Moments (and more!): Playing Footloose


Punctuating Dialogue - This is a great, FREE activity from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Teaching the Write Way: Punctuating Dialogue


Bundle of FICTION and NON-FICTION Activity Sheets! Perfect for Reading Centers and Guided Reading groups. Aligned with the Common Core Standards! $

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Mrs. Philpot: Wife, Teacher and Pioneer Woman in Training : Stations in the Middle School Classroom

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Using stations in the middle school classroom.

Mrs. Philpot: Wife, Teacher and Pioneer Woman in Training


Work Stations for Middle Schoolers That Work

More Math Stations That Work!


Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher: Daily 5 Stations...add Close Reading to the Daily 5 stations. Mixes reading and writing and Word Work!

Following My Heart to First Grade: Daily 5 Stations


What a great post about how to set up testing review stations! Tons of pictures - makes so much sense to do test prep this way!

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This set includes thirty half-page task cards. Each card includes a short activity for practice with one or more parts of speech. $

Parts of Speech Task Cards


This set includes thirty half-page task cards. The cards have white backgrounds with bright and colorful borders. Each card includes a short activity for practice with one or more parts of speech. There are three cards each about nouns, verbs, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, and conjunctions, and one card about interjections. In addition, there are eight cards that are each about several or all of the parts of speech. $

Parts of Speech Task Cards


Shapes and Color-Coded Weekly Grammar Homework from I HEART MIDDLE on TeachersNotebook.com (3 pages) - Label the parts of speech in sentences each week using fun shapes and color-coding!

Teachers Notebook


This is a fun little set of Grammar "Color By" pages for your students to use when learning to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Incl...$

Ghastly Grammar Mosaics! Halloween Parts of Speech