Guess who. Doctor Who game

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DIY galaxy envelopes

Quick craft // DIY galaxy envelopes | Mini-eco

cute cookies with writing in Gallifreyan

Haus of Hiddles

Doctor Who Tardis Night Light

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We gotta do this.

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Doctor Who photobooth

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Doctor Who Inflatable TARDIS Stands Over 5-Feet Tall!

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Tardis Blue Velvet Cake!

Blue Velvet Cake Recipe

Make your own “The Power of Three” cubes.

Raising Whovians

Don't Blink! Make a Weeping Angel Barbie.

wich-crafting: Don't Blink!

$35 floating shark! Perfect for a Christmas Themed Doctor Who Party!

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17 Doctor Who Cake Ideas

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Bow ties aren't hard to make out of ribbon~ Give ALL the people bowties.

Topic: Intro to reception

These could go in the goodie bag for guests

Seeing in 3D: Deficit, Debt, and Demographics

doctor who masks and eye patches

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Invitations How To

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the first bag...bow tie +suspenders = 11th doctor goodie bags?

DIY Father's Day Shirt & Tie Gift Boxes - Paper Crave

could be turned into an invitation

Official Doctor Who Tumblr - So are you or so are who?


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Posters for atmosphere.

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DIY Doctor Who Party and DIY Felt Fez Pattern and Tutorial --- Remind all your friends how cool fezzes are. If you have the right kind of friends, they should already know this. For even more coolness, add a bowtie.

homemade fezzes and a Doctor Who party | Tally's Treasury

Doctor Who party: Dalek Oreos

Dalek Oreos [Pic]

Weeping Angel Masks!

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