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You said you would bring in your late work today, your empty hands determined that was a lie. Maury Lie Detector Meme for Teachers

Teacher Memes 4

A balanced persuasive essay will include arguments based on ethos, pathos and logos.

Emily Grover's 5060 Blog: Rhetorical Appeals Poster

This should be in every classroom.

FREE Classroom Posters For Every Teacher - Character Education!! Paint spatter colors or black and white.

ZEN PENCILS » 60. ROBERT FROST: The road not taken

ZEN PENCILS » 60. ROBERT FROST: The road not taken

Who Invented More New Words? A comparison by Flavorwire (and linguist Vivian Cook). Words in bold are just ones the Flavorwire staff found amusing.

Literary Smackdown: Chaucer vs. Shakespeare

Writing a Research Paper and Using In-text Citations. Hilarious! A must for all high school English teachers and students.

WHY SHAKESPEARE? with tom hanks etc. Great for starting a unit on shakespeare with high school students or junior high. very inspiring

Lady Macbeth brand floor cleaner. A meme created parodying Lady Macbeth's quote of "Out, damned spot". Lady Macbeth was referring to imagined blood on her hands, and kept washing and washing them. The meme is saying that your floor will be so clean after using the cleaner you will begin to imagine dirty spots. One of the many examples of how Shakespeare and his characters' quotes have entered into modern culture. - Michael Meaney

Compelling multimedia lessons to get teens excited about poetry. Click HERE for a four-week print-and-teach unit designed for high school and advanced middle school students.

Hamlet Character Map It missing all the murders at the end, but I guess it would make the chart a lot harder to read.

Looking for a fun activity that will challenge students and help them review for your unit exam on Shakespeare's Hamlet? Click HERE for print-and-play materials! #Hamlet

Shakespeare’s Hamlet Quote Race – Great End-of-Unit Game

oh, what i would have given to see that production of Hamlet...

23 True Facts That Will Horrify You

Seriously, read that scene in Hamlet and tell me it's not those two trying to convince him "hakuna matata."

6 Common Movie Arguments That Are Always Wrong

Never knew this until reading Hamlet in English this year

Ultra-condesned classic books

Ultra-condesned classic books

DT in Hamlet. LOVE. Too many times while watching this I thought, David/Hamlet, your Doctor is showing.

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as a future teacher, I am pretty much allowed to be a professional nerd, and this is awesome.

Friday Project: Hamlion You do realized lion king was essentially based on this play right? And the sequel is based on Romeo and Juliet

Hamlet by William Shakespeare | 14 Books Every English Major Has Definitely, Totally Finished

14 Books Every English Major Has Definitely, Totally Finished

My fantastic student teacher came up with this great way to show the differences between types of literary nonfiction.

Haha yes

Nothing Plus Everything – You Lost Me at Hello

Wrestling with Shakespeare is good for the brain. Scientists have shown that reading the Bard and other classical writers has beneficial effects on the mind.

The music of Shakespeare is food for thought - Telegraph

Perfect prompt -- expand each rule into a paragraph describing more general life advice and explaining why it's important. An Econ Teacher Gave His Senior High School Students His Personal List Of Wisest Words