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funny stuff

funny stuff

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The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game- hilarious/ true hahaha so funny

The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game

Soo TRUE! I have a habit of diagnosing people, I just don't say it out loud. I guess thats what happens when you grow up with a mother & stepfather who are both psychologists!

This. Is. So. True.

The Best Motherhood E-cards

Why, yes, I will spend $ 54 more to get free shipping in order to avoid spending $ 3 on shipping.

Mommysavers LOL Cards — LOL - Just for Fun

Picky eaters. Too cute.

Under 5s Limited

words that make me giggle / funny stuff

Butterflies and Pebbles

In case you still have not figured out your Halloween costume yet, I found the scariest, spookiest one for you ;-)

Word - French By Design


Ahhhhh...if one could say this out loud:)

Primitives by Kathy

good times!

Why You Can't Create Viral Content!

probably true

Busted. Ha.

Well said:)

I seriously burst out laughing!!

Your Wine Cellar

Friday's laugh for the day:) Too cute.

every time

All fun & games until someone needs bail money! Lol

Or 10 min... Ok I'm stopping! It's been 35 min. ...

Wowzers. Isn't this the TRUTH.

Now this would be okay with me:)

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  • Susan Stephan
    Susan Stephan

    This could be my grandson! ❤️

Every time

Especially if they have more than two ingredients.


Sounds vaguely familiar...