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Site rotation - AccuChek~it's would be a lot easier if I had no stretch marks from having a baby!


Lipohypertrophy… Say What?

Minimed Paradigm 3.0ml Reservoir for 71x Series 10's by Medtronic Minimed. $19.50. Custom made for Medtronic MiniMed ParadigmTM 7 Series insulin pumps and can be used with all Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm infusion sets. User-filled reservoir holds up to 3.0 ml of insulin.

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Medtronic minimed revel insulin pump....looks like I will be trying this yet again. My last pump relationship was not a good one!

Insulin Pump | Paradigm Revel | Medtronic Diabetes

How does an insulin pump work? @Nicole Novembrino Nelsen already knows, this stuff is old news!!

Insulin pump - Mayo Clinic

Using Insulin Pumps To Administer More Insulin - Diabetic Live

One OmniPod replaces 12 injections. Read more about our choice to use an insulin pump. #diabetes

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