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Ideas I Love

Ideas I Love

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Sibling rivalry solution!! One Mom's super smart idea! :-)

Wrap a piece of cardboard in fabric and put at back of bookcase instead of painting or wallpaper. Could change out as often as you wanted.

Dollar Store Bin Makeovers...exactly what I needed!!

This are going into my attic: Create extra storage space - by screwing wire closet shelving to joists in your garage or basement. Wire shelving is see-through, so you can easily tell what's up there. Depending on the width, wire shelves cost from $1 to $3 per foot at home centers.

Bookshelf closet doors! I love it!

how to build a tilt out trash can for the kitchen

Tissue box & trash can in one..this would be good for the middle of tables during cold/flu season! keep kids from gettin up every 5 seconds!....Genius!

so smart!!! Toothpaste Dots for camping. Lay out foil sheet or parchment and make rows of dollops of toothPASTE. Allow to dry for 2-4 days. Sprinkle baking soda on top to keep from sticking. Repackage in small bags. To use simple pop one dot in your mouth, chew, then add a small amount of water in your mouth and start brushing. This tip reduces weight in your pack.

Folder Schedule

road trip snack road-trip

Penny Jar Dates {pinner says: "best date ideas I've ever heard of...and never thought of"}

i want a veggie pantry.

Neat way to practice the technique

This blog has A LOT of awesome FHE ideas :) Love the object lessons!

Family emergency binder (store passports, birth and marriage certificates, SS cards, health records, emergency contacts, extra money, etc). Keep in safe place and easy access in case of fire or emergency evacuation. See template GREAT IDEA

Need to hang my glasses so they don't get scratched anymore!

tree huggers

Turn old christmas cards into tags

Goals & Values

Tooth Fairy door. I have years yet, but this looks super cute

umm...genius. Velcro bedskirt. Easy to wash, easy to put back on, no moving the entire bed for it, and always stays put!

line your cabinet under the kitchen sink with peel and stick tile. Good idea.

Glue old book spines to a box. Great idea for a hidden bookshelf storage!

SO much fun!