Cherry Choc. Chia Smoothie

A healthy antioxidant smoothie combining cherries, blueberries, cocoa powder, chia seeds and hemp protein.

Black Bean Lime Hummus-

A lively hummus with black beans, garlic, lime juice and jalapeno. A healthy and simple recipe for quick lunches and snacks.

Coconut Spelt Waffles- Vegan |

Wholesome vegan waffles made with spelt four, coconut milk and unsweetened coconut flakes.

Artichoke, Goat Cheese & Cannellini Tortiglioni - Soy and Sugar

Spelt tortiglioni with arugula, artichokes and a cream sauce made from cannellini beans and goat cheese.

Roasted Sweet Potato, Red Onion & Refried Black Bean Tostadas -

Roasted Sweet Potato, Red Onion & Refried Black Bean Tostadas - Soy and Sugar

Mexican Black Bean Pizza

A smoky black bean puree is the base for a pizza topped with sauteed tomatoes, kale, cheddar cheese, avocado and tomatillo salsa.

Saffron Honey Cornbread -

Saffron Honey Cornbread - Soy and Sugar

Events- Pink & Gold First Birthday

A pink & gold themed first birthday soiree with a tiered ombre rosette cake!

Buffalo Tempeh & Quinoa Salad-

Tempeh & quinoa are combined with carrots, bell pepper and spinach in a buffalo lime dressing.

Greek Veggie Pizza with Whole Wheat Dough

Wholesome Whole wheat dough topped with a tomato & bean puree and piled high with fresh veggies and crumbled Feta cheese.

Kale & Sweet Potato Grilled Burritos - Soy and Sugar

A whole wheat grilled burrito filled with nutritious kale and sweet potato.