IHeart Organizing

IHeart Organizing: Website full of awesome organizing ideas, free printables, oddles of projects, etc.

Favorite blogs for busy moms

Gentle Discipline Resource Guide Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources

Biblical Homemaking

trying to glorify Jesus in everyday life. homemaking, marriage, parenting, and more.

Sunflower Schoolhouse

Lots of FREEBIES here. Oh how I LOVE freebies. LOL I am looking at all the planning sheets. like I don't have enough on my computer already. Is there such a thing as hoarding curriculum, or homeschool resources? LOL If so, I am guilty.

Mom's Mustard Seeds — Faith, Family, God and Homeschool

FREE History Lessons — Mom's Mustard Seeds - I'm going to be honest here. I have very low expectations of this series, but I'm going to read through it and see how their history is because I'm curious.and sometimes a little bit of a masochist.