Use M's to make polka dot cupcakes...cute!

Decorate Fun Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Polka Dot Cupcakes - super easy choc frosting w/ orange reeses pieces and orange frosting with the brown pieces, adorable. Can also use m for different colored polka dots for different events (b-day, valentines day, etc)

Shrunken head cider! One of the greatest ideas I have ever seen! very clever!!

Shrunken Heads in Cider

This is such a clever idea: Shrunken apple head cider! It could also be adapted as a fun party game by substituting water for cider: Bobbing for shrunken apple heads !

Halloween jello shots

How to Make Candy Corn Jello Shots. Jello shots always add a fun touch to any party, but your Halloween shindig requires something special. Candy corn jello shots mimic the look of the traditional fall candy by layering white, orange, and.

Tootsie Pops dressed up as ghosts for Halloween - fun to make with the kids & then handout to friends

I completely forgot about lollipop ghosts! The school librarian (she lived down the street) used to hand out tootsie pop ghosts every Halloween.

So simple... I will need to do for Halloween.

Boo 13 Manicures of Halloween - Day 12 Color: Black Lingerie (Revlon). This shade is a creme black. Use dotting tools or the back end of a make-up brush and a toothpick to create eyes peering out from the “dark”.

Halloween Witches Brew...3 ingredients: pineapple juice, orange sherbet, and orange soda.

Halloween Cocktail

Halloween Witches Brew 1 ounce) container Dole pineapple juice, chilled 1 pint orange sherbet, softened 2 bottles ounce each) orange soda, chilled

Halloween stuffed peppers - cute!!

Mini Stuffed Jack-O-Lanterns or Halloweegan Peppers

Rice Krispy pumpkins with Rollo stems

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats: Rice Crispy treat pumpkins with Tootsie roll stems Making these for Halloween!

Orange Witches' Brew Punch Recipe... great for your halloween party!

Orange Witches' Brew Punch

Halloween Recipe: Orange Witches' Brew Punch 1 package ounces) orange gelatin to 1 cup sugar 2 cups boiling water 1 can ounces) apricot nectar 1 can ounces) pineapple juice cup lemon juice 4 liters ginger ale, chilled

Totally awesome!!! Cupcakes for Halloween

Make Jack Skellington Cupcakes, a Halloween recipe inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, with step by step instructions provided by Disney Family.

1 can lemonade, 2 cans water, 1 pkg cherry koolaid, 1/2 c sugar, 3/4 of a 2-liter bottle of Ginger Ale, and lots of ice. floating eyeballs & gummyworms

Blood can lemonade, 2 cans water, 1 pkg. cherry koolaid, cup sugar, of a 2 liter bottle of ginger ale.floating eyeballs and gummy worms.YUM :) I'D ADD VODKA

Seven Spooky Treats for your Halloween and Fall baking

Monster Mallows

Easy Halloween Spider Cake!

Not So Spooky Halloween Ideas :: DIY Network Feature

Halloween food treats: not so spooky halloween spider cake DIY. ice cake on top of taped down paper spider legs