Winter Theme in Preschool

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Winter Theme in Preschool

Winter Theme in Preschool

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Colored Ice Shapes as Snow Pictures

Colored Ice Shapes as Snow Pictures

Snow Dough with coconut oil, baking soda, and water.

Snow Dough Small World

Winter Math and Balance Game

Winter Math Game Inspired by Frozen

winter play dough for preschool

Winter Play Dough Creation Station - No Time For Flash Cards

Winter Music and Movement Ideas :www.prekandkshar...

Snowball Fight Freeze Game with shower puffs :www.prekandkshar...

Ice gems by Teach Preschool

Ice gems | Teach Preschool

Beginning Sounds Mitten Match- based on the book The Mitten by Jan Brett

The Mitten —

Pattern Block snowflakes

Snowflake Pattern Block Mats - PreKinders

a year of planned family activities

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Save white gift boxes from Christmas to create a game of snow bowling. :Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Winter Week Part 2

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Winter Week Part 2

White scrap paper with letters/numerals/shapes on it. ID the item. Wad the paper. And throw the 'snowball' at the snowman. Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Winter Week Part 2

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Winter Week Part 2

The snowman melts and children observe and measure!

K is for Kindergarten: Snow is a four letter word!

snowman mini-unit :www.prekandkshar...

Magic Snow Paint Recipe- hunting for magic snow with magical snow paint

Magic Snow Paint ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

sticky paper snow mural for preschool

Snow Window - Winter Activity For Kids - No Time For Flash Cards
  • Sue Tolkkinen
    Sue Tolkkinen

    Jennifer Thaxton for the love of god!!! are they trying to kill me?? good idea for other projects too, like leaves or holiday decorating

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    Jennifer Thaxton

    Ha Ha Ha I am rolling :) I love you mom!! This looks like a lot of fun :)

  • Michele Nettleton
    Michele Nettleton

    Indoor recess activity?

  • BookPal

    looks like fun!

Winter Sensory Play! Ice cubes and water beads. Fake snow and water beads.

Winter Sensory Play {& a Few "Disasters"} - Fun-A-Day!

Color Ice Hockey by Teach Preschool

Let’s play color ice hockey

ABC Books for Winter...learn about winter and winter activities with these great alphabet books for winter

Winter ABC Books

Snowball Fight: ping pong ball and your breath. Helps with speech delays too. www.prekandkshari...

Read Tacky the Penguin. Next, talk about how penguins like to slide on ice. After that, try your very own experiment to see which toys slide on ice and which dont. Heres what youll need to conduct your own experiment: a shallow pan, water, and 5 (more or less) items to test. Youll also want a pen and paper to make a table showing the results (which items slide and which do not).

Will it slide? - I Can Teach My Child!

Snow and markers

Making our mark in the snow

Make SNOW PEARLS (water bead variation) for fabulous Winter play- these amazing gems are delightfully cold and squishy. They are frozen and slowly melt and transf...

Snow Pearls Play ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Small toy skating party. Freeze a basin of ice. Add small toys for a new type of play.

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Blowing Tissue in a Plastic Bag

Preschool Activity- Snowstorm in a Bag - JDaniel4s Mom