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Dudes with lush, fluffy chest hair that looks highly tear absorbent.


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I couldn't resist. Sorry Meryl!

  • Pilü Vs
    Pilü Vs

    Go Meryl! Grrr

  • Sabine Van Beek
    Sabine Van Beek

    More proof that Meryl can pull off anything by pure grace, style, class... Whatever you want to call it. I bet she even could turn this into a trend by the next globes if she really wanted to (which I somehow doubt, due to the aforementioned sense of style!)

  • Maresa Edwards
    Maresa Edwards

    How about some we add some Bradley?

  • Erika Jorgensen
    Erika Jorgensen

    Hugh Jackman and Henry Cavill need to make an appearance here. :-)

Who is this mysterious, outrageously hairy fellow? Whoever he is, I would certainly shag his carpet!

  • Juliette Ryan
    Juliette Ryan

    Moist and not me

  • Lorraine Elizabeth
    Lorraine Elizabeth


  • Sabine Van Beek
    Sabine Van Beek

    He forgot his most important accessory: that sexy, irresistible smile of his! So, no snoggin', sorry Graham! But if you spit out that extremely sour lemon you're clearly chewing on, there's room for negotiation LOLZ

Mark Ruffalo? More like Mark Buffalo, look at that hairy hide. Speaking of buffalo, I wanna drive his body to the verge of extinction.

  • Cláudia Lethang
    Cláudia Lethang
  • Melannie Reads
    Melannie Reads

    You need to find one of James McAvoy! I bet he's hairy too ♥

  • Angela Schneider
    Angela Schneider


  • Erika Jorgensen
    Erika Jorgensen

    Oh heaven above ♡♡♡

  • Cecile Fayen
    Cecile Fayen

    Hilarious! Thx Graham Norton.

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Hairy Paul Rudd after reading "Our Bodies Ourselves"

Ladies, it's on. I give you Paul Rudd.

This is the look Sam Elliott gives me after listening to my dumb problems, and right before shoving my face into his moist chest hair.

  • Leslie Aitken
    Leslie Aitken

    Giggle -- it all most looks fake!

  • Karen Espenshade
    Karen Espenshade

    FYI, you're missing someone — Robson Green!!! ☺

  • Belinda Bentley
    Belinda Bentley

    He is still a gorgeous man

Super hairy Nicolas Cage. Long, long before his oscar winning role in Wicker Man.

  • Stephanie McComb
    Stephanie McComb

    Not the bees!

  • Stevie O'Mahoney
    Stevie O'Mahoney

    I first fell in love with his chest hair in the movie Valley Girl. It was shaved in the shape of an eagle or some other large bird of prey. Laugh riot!

Holy Moly! More like David Lee Rug.

Vintage Male Celebs - Part 28
  • Tanya Caro
    Tanya Caro


  • Jamie Capach
    Jamie Capach

    His big hair makes his torso seem disproportionately small. lol

  • Della Lytle
    Della Lytle

    just a hairy giggolo

If you put a gun to my head, yeah, I'd have to say Alec Baldwin was extremely hairy.

Vintage Male Celebs - Part 27
  • Stacey Nightmare
    Stacey Nightmare


  • Maggie Cook
    Maggie Cook

    Leslie Aitken hahah :) I join the crusade

  • Maggie Cook
    Maggie Cook

    PS. What movie is this?

  • Amrita Dutta
    Amrita Dutta

    Miami Blues (1990)

  • Maggie Cook
    Maggie Cook


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William Holden. If I told him he had a hairy chest I hope he would Holden it against me!

Vintage Male Celebs - Part 25
  • Tanya Caro
    Tanya Caro


  • Heather Ott
    Heather Ott

    This board is funny as hell! ( found it through The Blogess)

Hairy Lorenzo Lamas. Not a joke, he played a character named "Lance Cumson" on Falcon Crest. How was that allowed?!

Vintage Male Celebs - Part 5
  • Laura Walker
    Laura Walker

    You are killing me, Stacey Nightmare!

  • Beth Ramos
    Beth Ramos

    Ha! I remember!

Hairy Hasslehoff. His expression is like "Yeah, I'd be up for all kinds of crazy sh*t, seriously anything."

David Hasselhoff | TopNews
  • Tory Wynn
    Tory Wynn


  • Holly_Makes_Up

    ^^ Hey!! Don't hassle the Hoff!

  • Stacey Nightmare
    Stacey Nightmare

    I only have love for the Hoff.

  • Janice Lanier
    Janice Lanier

    I don't know about The Hoff. Eating carpet burgers (literal...not figurative) was a real turn-off.

  • Maggie Cook
    Maggie Cook

    He was hot :D

Steve Martin's chest hair. Its coloration and fluffiness make me think of a beautiful latch hook rug of the desert.

Hairy, damp Steve Martin. This photo makes me want to put a live chicken in my underwear.

NO. NOT ACCEPTABLE. NO FAKE CHEST HAIR!! This ridiculous "chest merkin" is an insult to naturally hirsute men everywhere and unfit to absorb a single molecule of my tears.

  • Joyce Sawyer
    Joyce Sawyer

    I about throw up at huge hairy men. Glad my hubby is not hairy!

  • Stacey Nightmare
    Stacey Nightmare

    Please do not repin this travesty!

  • Suzie Wong
    Suzie Wong

    My hubby's chest is very hairy... but its turning white... what is the vibe on this??? ps: lurrrve the pics Stacey! Finally found my kindred spirit!

There's nothing BALD about Alec Baldwin's amazingly hairy chest! It's like a furry forest and I want to LARP there.

  • Jessica Reynolds
    Jessica Reynolds


  • Chelsea Adams
    Chelsea Adams


  • Cheryl M.
    Cheryl M.

    Not real !

  • Beth Harris
    Beth Harris

    Ha ha ha @ LARP!

  • Toe Flacco
    Toe Flacco

    omg lol so hard

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Paul Stanley's chest is so hairy it almost counts as a textile.

  • Stacey Nightmare
    Stacey Nightmare

    Thanks for the suggestion Rhonda!

  • Rhonda

    Anytime! I love this board!

  • Monica Cannings
    Monica Cannings

    Is he wearing a thong?!?! Ewww!

  • Trista Fraser
    Trista Fraser

    Textile! LMAO!!!!!

  • Angela McGhee
    Angela McGhee

    What I have on my living room floor is less impressive.

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Blimey! H.R.H. (His Royal Hairiness) Prince Charles shows off his fuzzy majesty.

What's more attractive - hairy chests or polished pecs?

Prince's chest hair. There's just enough here to cry on. Then we'd go on a pegasus ride.

  • Rhonda

    I totally agree with this statement. :D

  • Rhonda

    PS--How have you neglected late '70's early 80's Paul Stanley chest hair? It was full of glitter and unicorn fluff, I tell you.

  • Stacey Nightmare
    Stacey Nightmare

    Hmm I'll think about it.

  • Rhonda

    Please do! :D

  • Angela McGhee
    Angela McGhee

    Purple rain?

Pierce Brosnan. Did you know men weren't allowed to be photographed in the eighties unless they exposed some chest hair while riding on a yacht?

pierce brosnan shirtless
  • Eileen Dyer
    Eileen Dyer


Tom Jones. In the song "What's New, Pussy Cat?" he's actually talking to his chest hair, which he nicknamed "Pussy Cat".

Marcello Mastroianni. I'd like to feel-ini that chest hair! Mangia!

Hairy Ian Gomez!!! I want a life size print of this on my wall so I can run into it and pretend he's giving me a hug.

Josh Hopkins Shirtless -

Jemaine Clement in Gentlemen Broncos. What's hotter than a dude with full, fluffy chest hair? A dude wearing a BLUETOOTH!!! (swoon!)

Jemaine Clement Shirtless -
  • Stephanie McComb
    Stephanie McComb

    Your captions make me laugh aloud. You are fantastische.

  • Stacey Nightmare
    Stacey Nightmare

    Thanks Stephanie!

  • Ann Awad
    Ann Awad

    aw daaaaammmnn that's my maaaaan

  • Maresa Edwards
    Maresa Edwards

    Benicio is so the one for me.

Sean Connery. If I were that lady, I'd mash my face into his chest hair so hard my nose would break.

  • Macrae McDermott
    Macrae McDermott

    Hahaha!! Your captions are hysterical. And by hysterical, I mean full of wisdom.

  • Brianna Squire
    Brianna Squire

    ^What Macrae said :)

I'd like to visit young Ricardo Montalban's lush & hairy Mantasy Island.