3 Ways to DIY a Band T-Shirt

3 Ways to DIY a Band T-Shirt

I've been wearing Minnetonka moccasins for over a decade. They're irresistibly comfortable and age so wonderfully over time, molding to my feet in a way that makes me never want to replace them - even though at times, I've worn my beloved mocs down to the sole. I should also mention that the

DIY Tassel Moccasins

This is a great and affordable way to update old Minnetonkas

vintage millinery

Collection of Vintage Millinery Flowers and Trims, from the Emery, Bird, Thayer Department Store in Kansas City, MO - via Carol Spinski

If you love a little good clutter, can't stand things that match, and embrace riotous color and random objects d'art, you'll love these 12 eclectic  house tours from around the web. Click the links below to see more of each space.

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