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rosie the riveter naturally revolutionary natural hair global couture feminism afro A Woman's Worth: Naturally Revolutionary rosie the riv...

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Now that natural hair is firmly back in the fashion stakes, TWA hairstyles are getting more creative than ever before! Read on and discover the top trends for TWA hairstyles right now and start planning your fabulous new look! Flat twists for teeny weeny afro’s Flat twists are one of the most simple and creative[Read the Rest]

Lazy Naturals- The One Step L.O.C. Method for Moisturized Natural Hair | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Natural Hair Care

Moisturize, soften, and restore your locks with these 10 homemade hair conditioners - Make a paste by combining 4 tbsp of castor oil with a bit of the glycerin. Massage it into your hair, and cover with a shower cap. Leave it in for at least 15 minutes, then rinse out with warm water.

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