Actually I fall for the blues and greens first, but you can't deny what October does. Always stuns me.

Celebrating October

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Funny pictures about It feels a bit humid. Oh, and cool pics about It feels a bit humid. Also, It feels a bit humid.


MAKING CHRISTMAS COOKIES. We need a photo of the baby girl helping with our Christmas cookies.I need to do a little pre-planning for the photos I want to get this year.

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Baby in the dog crate. Dog in the baby's carseat. You need more than coffee.

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funny face I love you.funny face i need have the sweetest face i've ever seen.

Surviving evil people is to ignore them. Let them bury themselves under all those lies. Unethical deeds breed trash.

When I say "I'd like to talk", what I really mean is "I'd like to completely blindside you & unleash weeks of pent up frustration & resentment until you understand my feelings." uh, yeah, pretty much.

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Trashy language but this one goes out to a couple of sister in laws I have the displeasure of knowing and To the father in law and step mother in law

She asked me to say the 3 little words every girl wants to hear. So I whispered 'Let's go Yankees!' in her ear.

She asked me to whisper those three little words every girl wants to hear. So I said "Rock Chalk Jayhawk!" (My heart will melt)

Maxine’s Wisdom :)

Maxine’s Wisdom

Four years without a president would be better then what we have now.