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Shin bones decorate the ceiling, skulls line the walls and over 21,000 bodies are buried in the basement Read more:

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Kimball Castle, New Hampshire: Many strange sights and sounds have been reported by owners and caretakers of Kimball Castle throughout the years. A white, glowing figure of a woman has been spotted in the castle windows and on the grounds, and lights have been seen in the castle after dark -- despite the building's lack of electricity. In the carriage house, doors supposedly lock and unlock by themselves and books mysteriously fall off of shelves. has Closed

Prahova County is included in the list of Most Haunted places, after a man said that it was built on the basis of sketches that the writer received in sleep from his dead daughter. Years ago, newspapers reported that in the castle, by night, Iulia piano could be heard singing and Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu clapping. The Iulia Hasdeu Castle: Is a folly house built in the form of small castle by historian and politician Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu in the city of Câmpina, Romania.

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Wonderful Castles and Mansions That Are Haunted by Tragic Ghosts

Canada's most haunted castle, the Casa Loma, a Gothic Revival style castle in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, built between 1911 and 1914, designed by E. J. Lennox

Wonderful Castles and Mansions That Are Haunted by Tragic Ghosts

Businessman Henry Richard Hazelhurst hit it big during the Civil War in the iron industry. He became very wealthy and in 1857 built his 20 room Gothic mansion in Ellicott City, Maryland. He named it Lilburn, however some referred to it as the Hazelhurst Manor. However, from the very beginning the home has had a torrid history. It was not so much as history as it was a curse. Some argue that this mansion is one of the most haunted places in America. Read the full story>>

Hazelhurst Manor (Lilburn Mansion) - Ellicott City, Maryland

Llancaiach Fawr, Caerphilly, Wales - was originally built in 1530 and extended in 1645. Today it is fully restored and is now a museum. The spirit most often encountered is a 18th century housekeeper named "Mattie". It is believed that she died in a bedchamber where people have reported hearing her petticoat and smelling violets and lavender. Another ghost is that of a little boy who fell to his death from a 2nd story window. People have reported having their sleeves pulled and their hands…

Is Wales' Llancaiach Fawr haunted?

Woodchester Mansion - is a lost and nearly forgotten mansion that sits alone in the Gloucestershire countryside. In the mid 1850's William Leigh hired over 100 craftsmen to build the mansion, but 10 years later work stopped and the craftsmen walked out. William Leigh is said to continue to walk the halls on the incomplete 2nd floor and throws rather large stones and slams doors when people trespass. Other activity includes spirit lights, rumbling noises, tapping, disembodied voices, and…

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Arreton Manor, Isle of Wight - has a history that goes back as far as 872 AD. It passed through several hands over the years including William the Conqueror. There is a story surrounding the house involving a young girl who is said to have witnessed one of her brothers murdering the other for his inheritance. He then killed her by tossing her out a window. In that room, "startling coldness" is reported as is a disembodied voice calling "mamma". Strange tapping/banging has also been reported.

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Shute Barton Manor, Devon - is haunted by a gray lady. Some believe that she's the ghost of Lady Jane Grey, who is also known as the "nine day queen", while others believe she is a member of the de la Pole family, who lived there during the Civil War. According to legend, Parliamentarians ambushed the woman as she walked through a grove near the house and hung her from one of the trees. Witnesses say she doesn't like to be approached and gives an admonishing stare before vanishing into thin…

Shute Barton Manor - A Haunted House

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Abandoned Magnificence: Sutton Scarsdale Hall

Sutton Scarsdale Hall may be a shadow of its former self, but its impressive ruins leave no doubt that it was once one of the finest stately homes in northern England. Located in Derbyshire, the abandoned mansion was commissioned in 1724 and owned by the Arkwright family for almost 100 years. In 1919 a group of local businessmen asset-stripped the building, selling its grand internal fittings to the highest bidder. The ruin of Sutton Scarsdale is now managed by English Heritage, while some…

Abandoned Magnificence: Sutton Scarsdale Hall | Urban Ghosts

Haint Blue in Savannah GA ~ Haint is another word for ghost or spirit...the legend says that haints can not cross water. Painting doors, shutters, entire homes and here in the south porch ceilings blue will trick restless spirits into thinking it is water and keep them from entering the home.

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Juliette Gordon Low was the founder of the Girl Scouts. The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is located at 10 East Oglethorpe Avenue in Savannah, Georgia. The ghosts of Sarah Gordon and Nellie Kinzie Gordon, (Sarah Gordon's daugheter-in-law and Juliette Gordon Low's mother) are reported to haunt the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. Visitors frequently report seeing the ghost of Sarah Gordon. Staff hear strange sounds, like furniture being moved, and the sound of the piano playing in the house.

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Actress Lucille Ball's spirit supposedly haunts her former home in Beverly Hills. Lucy purchased the home in 1954 and lived there until her death in 1989. Since then, new owners have reported mysterious broken windows, loud noises and furniture moving throughout the house.

Celebrity Homes

Battery Carriage House Charleston, SC - This is where we spent our Honeymoon in a room that was haunted - did not know about the Gentleman Ghost until we took the Ghost Tour - not much "honeymooning" went on after that...

Stevens-Lathers House AKA Battery Carriage House - Charleston, South Carolina

Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts - many paranormal investigators have been through this place - reports of phantom knocks on the walls, footsteps in the hallways, voices of a female echo in some of the rooms, lights turn on/off on their own, shadow figures are seen

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Ghosts of Kingsley Plantation in Jacksonville, FL - This old southern slave plantation is haunted by a number of ghosts from its dark past, including the owner's wife. Find out more at

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The Allen House of Monticello, Arkansas, was built in 1906. Many people often commented on a lady sitting in a turret window. "Things just seem to disappear into thin air. It's almost like an everyday part of life for us now." The historic haunted Arkansas property opens its doors the last two days of October for special Halloween tours.

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Somerleyton Hall, Lowestoft, Suffolk - several psychics have picked up on the presence of a Scandinavian woman who was pregnant when she was brutally murdered by the baby's father in room 7. The room was sealed for more than 20 years because of the activity within it. Activity includes poltergeist activity, apparitions, footfalls, whispers and more. A high EMF has also been recorded on stairs where there is no electrical wiring, and where the apparition of a Victorian era woman has been…

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Abandoned Callert House, Loch Leven, Scotland Callert House, an abandoned Georgian Mansion on the shores of Loch Leven in Scotland, has been unoccupied since the 1940s. Built for Sir Duncan Cameron of Fassifern in the 1830s to replace a previous structure that burned down, the house stands completely derelict. Reports of hauntings persist in the area, including a mysterious ball of fire that’s said to manifest near Callert House and vanish into the loch.

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house was built in 1894 and owned by Peter Anthony Prince, a local. Prince was married four times, with his first 3 wives passing away. A lot of stuff has gone down on the third floor that is closed off to the public. One night, a security guard noticed all the lights on the third floor were on but there was no electricity. People have also reported seeing a woman in a white dress, playing with a baby in the nursery. Some staff members will not enter the home alone.

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