By growing herbs yourself, in your own garden, you get the freshest, most potent medicinal herbs. These are thriving under the same stressors that you, yourself, are challenged with. When you buy dried herbs, even from local herb stores, they won’t be as active or as potent as the herbs that you harvest fresh and process yourself. But how do you fit medicinal herbs into your home garden plans? You don’t need hundreds of acres to grow enough medicinal herbs for your family’s wellness. Here’.....

70 Medicinal Herbs to Sneak into Your Organic Garden | Joybilee Farm

These are all garden art ideas you can make w/out power tools, using recycled items. Courtesy of the Empress of Dirt on Homealk.

No Power Tools? No Problem! Garden Art You Can Make

Homesteading Guide To Growing Basil Indoors | Self-Sufficiency Skills by Pioneer Settler

Growing Basil Indoors

Clearly need to drink more

Upcycled glass bottle in the garden

12 Fastest Vegetables To Grow In Your Home Gardens Or Containers ...

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Drying Herbs: Tips for Preserving Your Garden Herbs

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Use Dollar tree solar lights in tiki torch bases.....

Sure Fit Slipcovers: Creative Garden Planters To Inspire!

How to can cabbage! I want to make a bunch of this during the summer.

Canning Cabbage - How to Make Your Own Sauerkraut

80 Recipes For Home Canning

Resourceful Blogger

800+ Organized Canning Recipes to keep for a rainy day or when the #SHTF #Winter Storage #food #canning #DIY

800+ Organized Canning Recipes for Winter Storage - DIY & Crafts


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10 Foods That Last Forever, preserved foods, canned food, preparedness, food storage

10 Foods That Last Forever

Canning Apple Pie Filling - I canned these last night.... I have yet to pop these open-- but the sauce with the raw apples was awesome--- so I don't think there will be any problems here!

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How to make classic Dill Pickles - crunchy and delicious! #recipe #dillpickles #preserving

Dill Pickle Recipe ~ Lovely Greens

DIY Tiki Torches • Lots of Ideas and Tutorials! Including from 'my home my style', these sleek, modern looking Copper Patio Torches.

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Planting a Fall Vegetable Garden -- What to plant, how, and when. [Infographic]

Plant A Fall Vegetable Garden | Avant Garden Decor

Crock Pot Freezer Meal Ideas // featured: Chinese Beef and Broccoli (like restaurant takeout) #freezerfriendly #slowcooker #prepday

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If Clint would let me have a say...

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How to store stuff from your garden all winter long. Properly.

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Garden art trio of mushrooms assembled art. Made with repurposed upcycled glass.

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Repurpose broken stemware. Pop in a citronella candle and then put glass down in plant. Pretty at night and keeps bugs away!

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Dollar store solar lights on plant hook -

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pretty gem wind chime

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Garden Art --Beads strung on bracelet memory wire and hung w/ a bell on the end

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DIY Garden Art

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