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I like this because I love the way the clouds are done. Also that they kept the design monochromatic. Clouds, Inspiration, Design, Graphic Design, Neon, Clouds Design, Graphic
I like this because I love the way the clouds are done. Also that they kept the design monochromatic.
a book with an image of birds on it
Gorgeous cover...
a cup of tea next to an orange book with the words you and me on it
several different types of blue and green wallpapers with the same color scheme on them
2016 Stationery Color Trends : Deep Blue Green
2016 Stationery Color Trends : Deep Blue Green
a black and white poster with the words heretz on it, in front of mountains
Designing with black and white: 50 striking examples for your inspiration
Designing With Black and White: 50 Striking Examples For Your Inspiration – Design School
an advertisement with blue ink floating in the air and on top of it is a white circle
Poster by Xavier Esclusa Executive Meditation
Posters By Xavier Esclusa Executive Meditation on Behance
the word hello surrounded by colorful flowers in a white frame on a blue and pink background
Kami Design poster -Hello Spring
the ice cream love flyer is displayed on an iphone screen, and it appears to be in
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the letter b with palm trees and blue sky in the background is an advertisement for beach magazine
Typography and Posters image inspiration on Designspiration
four different pages with numbers on them and some watercolor paint splatters in the middle
The combination of water color and typography is elegant and simple. The large page numbers stand out to the reader and create a unique spread.
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of paper on a white surface with pink, blue, yellow, and green colors
Try Angle Paper #04
Modern , feminine , Chic branding. Marbled Gold, rose gold and corinthian marble. I'm in love with this!
a person is holding up a planner book with several pages in it and writing on the page
Simple Scrap Notebook v1
This 160 page scrapbook can also be used as a unique way to take notes for classes or projects, especially useful for visual learners! The block style layout is a great way to keep all your notes for class super organized.
flowers and greenery on a chalkboard with the words blooming elegant above it
The Blooming Elegant Font Trio
The Blooming Elegant Font Trio by Nicky Laatz on @creativemarket
an array of blue and white business cards with different designs on the front, back and sides
Print Design image inspiration on Designspiration