Fun with Pallets

Fun with Pallets

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Art Storage from Pallets = LOVE!

Beyond The Picket Fence: Rolling Along

Pallet TV wall unit - this would be great in a rec room of family room!

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Simple Fold-Up Pallet Desk -- even I can do this!

Fold-Up Pallet Desk - Thistlewood Farm


A pallet plant stand!

A pallet plant stand!
  • Stacy Miller
    Stacy Miller

    I'm over the pallets. They are too hard to take apart. Baaahahahaaaa

  • Rebecca Miller
    Rebecca Miller

    Oh really 😂😂😂😂

{Pallet Gardening Table} I need this in my life, yesterday.

living4media - especially for the gardener / d-i-y plant table

peculiarmee: PALLET DESK DIY

peculiarmee: PALLET DESK DIY

DIY Pallet swing bed

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{Pallet Planter} and more creative ways to use pallets | Dishfunctional Designs

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  • Jerri Korth
    Jerri Korth

    Cute and Simple...

A COOL PALLET WOOD CHAIR anyone can make in a couple hours! | Funky Junk Interiors

A cool pallet wood chair anyone can make in a couple of hours!
  • Hillary Walter
    Hillary Walter

    Love it! How did you send it to me? Figure it out?

  • Mark Whitaker
    Mark Whitaker

    awesome, would look great on the porch of the back 40

Wow! The ultimate pallet craft /// raised garden beds |

Pallet Craft: How to Make a Garden Grow Box

pallets as book racks

Books Pallet Rack | 1001 Pallets

{Pallet Coat Rack} another ... why didn't I think of that moment

Little Bit Funky: pallet to coat rack - another pinterest win

say what?! - outdoor shower/pallet garden. AWESOME

Brainstorm: Recycled Pallet Ideas
  • Bonnie Rush {A Golden Afternoon}
    Bonnie Rush {A Golden Afternoon}

    I've been trying to get some but they are so hard to snag!

  • Shay Vail
    Shay Vail

    @bonnie rush... Check Craigslist "free" section. Also make sure you clean them up well for indoor projects, some contain chemicals

  • Dale Morelock
    Dale Morelock

    Lisa Morelock Have you seen this, and the entire page?

  • Berry Patch Bed and Breakfast
    Berry Patch Bed and Breakfast

    This is great idea I am doing this garden at the Berry Patch Bed and Breakfast thank you Bunny my guest love it

wall made of pallet wood for a boys room, this looks SOOO cool for little to no cost at all

Some Bedroom Updates
  • Kim Crouch Sminkey
    Kim Crouch Sminkey

    Love the wood wall

  • Stacey Smudde
    Stacey Smudde

    Love the wall and the color scheme

  • Melissa Lierer
    Melissa Lierer

    Love the orange pops of color

i've always wanted a porch swing ...

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  • Stacy of KSW
    Stacy of KSW

    my biggest fear would be me sitting on it and breaking it ... think it's sturdy enough? and if so, enough for me & a few littles?

  • H Book
    H Book

    I think if you put an extra board on either side, use a bolt and chain through that and make sure you anchor it in a sturdy stud at the top, it should be fine.

  • H Book
    H Book

    I should say, an extra board along the bottom, from front to back. If I'm making any sense at all!

  • Wholesale Printers
    Wholesale Printers

    Love it.. Just need a pillow and I would sleep for a week...

  • sparkly chic
    sparkly chic


whoa ... a pallet deck ... with garden!

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  • Megan Dekov
    Megan Dekov

    I want it!!

  • Wings' Rest
    Wings' Rest


  • Stacy of KSW
    Stacy of KSW

    Amy Craft Aww man! We could only take it if it has a cover, too many neighborhood cats ... btw, guess who bought frames recently!!! Finally ready to order some pics. :)

  • Cricket Elieff
    Cricket Elieff

    Love this!!!!

  • Amy Craft
    Amy Craft

    Stacy of KSW it does have a cover. Bryan said he would see if he can take it apart in bigger pieces.

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Wow! A media room made entirely of pallets

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  • Cierra Brettnacher
    Cierra Brettnacher

    This just doesn't look comfortable to me

  • Malissa Coleman
    Malissa Coleman

    How cool!

  • Kirsten Moudy
    Kirsten Moudy

    This is brilliant! I love it

  • Amber Wilson
    Amber Wilson

    Now I just need a media room!

  • Shanna Marchant
    Shanna Marchant

    What an awesome idea.

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Pallet fence or to surround an A/C unit, With planter box and solar lights!

Camelot Art Creations: Garden Pallet
  • Sandy Barr
    Sandy Barr

    doing this

  • Gina DeGennaro
    Gina DeGennaro

    can't wait to show the hubby

  • Stacy of KSW
    Stacy of KSW

    Thanks Andrea Jo thats good to know, love Julie Johnson 's idea to hide the trash can!

  • Joanne Benoit
    Joanne Benoit

    what a great way to recycle, will have to try that next summer

  • Sharon Swain
    Sharon Swain

    great idea for all the boards we have after tearing down above ground pool.

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Painted Pallet Wall = AWESOME!

Grand Design: FREE that spells free

DIY Pallet Project - Outdoor Table Using pallets to make a table is a great idea. The steps involved look quite simple, too. The great thing about this is that you can easily modify it to fit your needs. You can make a coffee table or a much taller one as console. I like the look of painted pallet tables but you can leave them in their natural state for a more rustic look.

How to Turn 2 Pallets into 1 Rolling Table
  • Emily Torgeson
    Emily Torgeson

    i love this, what a good idea!

  • Shay Vail
    Shay Vail

    i am completely obsessed with pallets and your board. i might have to repin you.... a lot.

  • Kezzamenazza

    Michal Gray oh my!

pallet swing

DIY pallet swing

yet another fun pallet idea...

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  • Van Cooley
    Van Cooley

    I love pallets, too!

  • Kristy Sparber-Bretzinger
    Kristy Sparber-Bretzinger

    So creative I absolutely love this!

I want to do this with pallets!

Because It's Awesome: rainbow

fancy pallet bookshelves

Little Lucy Lu: From Pallet .... to Bookshelves!


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