What to do with all those toys ...

Toy Storage Solutions -- Ideas for organizing toys in the home or classroom.

What to do with all those toys ...

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Open Toy Storage: Inviting Our Children to Play

Make your kids’ toy room look tidy (even if for a moment) with the Hand Made Modern collection. Dress up wooden crates with chalkboard paint for easy labeling.

Cute way to keep art supplies organized and use them as decor at the same time

Open Toy Storage: Inviting Our Children to Play *art supplies for easy access

Coordinate your toys: 5 simple Tips for Successful Busy Boxes for Babies *great info

50 creative storage ideas for toys & books! Great inspiration & tutorials!

I like this idea of a storage net at the end of the bed

  • Brandon-Dawn Livingston
    Brandon-Dawn Livingston

    Or on a wall maybe.

Child's Play: The Art of Toy Rotation

These are genius!! DIY Vinyl Storage Bags for toys (you have to see what see did with these for cosmetics as well!)

  • Kinmart Handbags
    Kinmart Handbags


Making Room for the New! 6 Ways to Revamp Your Play Space for the New Year

Genius! I need one of these for under the couch. --- Underbed Play Table with Drawers

  • Staci Criswell
    Staci Criswell

    Jenn Malone ...maybe instead of a tall one!

  • High Road Car Organizers
    High Road Car Organizers

    This gives us an idea for an 'under the car seat' organizer for our product line of car organizers!

{End of the Year Clean Sweep} *Collection of 10 ways parents can get organized before the holidays

{3 Tips for Cleaning & Picking Up Toys with Kids} *I'm so trying tip #3 this weekend

{Toy Rotation} *Great tips and 5 wonderful resources...

now these could come in real handy in the playroom! (how to) rolling storage seats

Getting kids to willingly donate toys *Great way to prep for the HOLIDAYS!!

  • Andra Stradling
    Andra Stradling

    Be sure to check out the "charity" you give to.

{Keeping Everyday Living Spaces Under Control} 6 tips for keeping toys from taking over your home

  • monique castaneda
    monique castaneda

    Im A Kid.

5 tips for organizing toy spaces in your home ...

Use these storage tips to keep your child's toys and games organized (and off the floor).

A place for all those toys. #KidsStuffWorld

  • Brooke Brock
    Brooke Brock

    I have a red and white one identical to this that I got at hobby lobby last year for under $15 using their 40% coupon....I use it for my sons stuffed animals, wish i had bought more b/c it looks GREAT! ♥

  • Stacy of KSW
    Stacy of KSW

    Thanks Brooke! I'm going to go look for some

Love how this blogger turned an old oak shelf from Goodwill into fresh, fun storage for the playroom!

  • Inner Child Fun Kids Crafts
    Inner Child Fun Kids Crafts

    Love this!! ♥

{Create It and They Will Come: Playful Learning Spaces} *the little changes we make in our children’s spaces can make a big difference in creativity

So smart --> DIY Lego Activity Box with Storage

{DIY toy box with casters} so smart & adorable

cute storage for coloring books - store in IKEA trashcan with added chalkboard label

  • Amy Janes
    Amy Janes

    I just saw these yesterday at ikea and never thought about doing this with them.

  • Lavanya Subramonian
    Lavanya Subramonian

    I did the same thing for my daughters story books