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The Healthiest Foods at the Grocery Store My new favorite pin. :)

Top 125 healthiest packaged foods for when you want convenience without going too far off track from whole and healthy. Thanks to Women's Health Magazine for this yearly list. I didn't know there was anything else besides packaged food.


It was a fantastic feeling when going out for a run was normal. My thighs were still bigger than I wanted but I could, for the first time, love them. They were powerful and could take me wherever I wanted. That's what I'm working back to now.

This would kill me, but I really should aim for this.

used to do this routine everyday for 45 days. paired with a 1000 calorie/day diet and strength training, 100 jumping jumping rope., 5 inches from waist, 3 dress sizes. To everybody that has asked me my secret to losing.

Most people don’t know the basics and think they can just wing it.

FORM IS KING! Before you even bother stretching make sure you’ve jogged in place, done jumping jacks, something. You don’t want to strain a muscle trying to stretch it if it doesn’t have fresh oxygen in it. Be careful not to over stretch in your warm up.

I'll do them every day

Someone needs a fact checker. This math is so wrong. 1000 jumping jacks is only 500 calories burnt. That's only the calories of one pound of fat, 3500 calories. To burn 1 pound do 7000 jumping jacks. That sounds a bit more reasonable, eh?