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Rainbow Loom ideas

Rainbow Loom ideas

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How To Rainbow Loom Pikachu Charm DIY Pokemon Charm_ONE LOOM_ #leafbladecrafts

Rainbow Loom SATURN LINK CHAIN Bracelet. Designed and loomed by Rob at justinstoys. Click photo for YouTube tutorial. 03/08/14 Creating Easter baskets out of Rainbow Loom.

Rainbow Loom® Valentine's Pencil Favor


Mickey Mouse Rainbow Loom Charm Tutorial - ORIGINAL DESIGN - YouTube

Double band INVERTED FISHTAIL. Loomed by Christina Fry-Makosky. (Rainbow Loom FB page) Christina said: "... looks like little hearts to me."

  • CJ Schneider
    CJ Schneider

    I've already made some of these!!


  • Verna Prins
    Verna Prins


Extensive listing of Rainbow Loom Patterns & Tutorials- bookmarking this one!

  • Fay Cooper
    Fay Cooper

    Any idea where i can get printable instructions from internet. We do not have enough data in our plan to view video after video. Thanks

  • Jacquie Lannert Moran
    Jacquie Lannert Moran

    I fixed it - and it is now published again --- plan to do some more updating - on new patterns!!!

  • Tammy Howard
    Tammy Howard

    :( Link is unpublished now.

  • Janet Gerber
    Janet Gerber

    Says "unpublished !"

OLAF from frozen. Designed and loomed by Nicole Rocco. (Rainbow Loom FB page)

  • Jessica Fox
    Jessica Fox

    Where is the tutorial? Is it on YouTube?

  • Diana Fraser
    Diana Fraser

    how do you make this

  • Keli Jongsma
    Keli Jongsma

    how do you make this?

  • Sarah Burnett Devendorf
    Sarah Burnett Devendorf

    Nice. It is so cute

  • Sofia Zmarzly
    Sofia Zmarzly

    It just so cute

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Santa Handbag Charms - use my Mini handbag charm Tutorial on youtube to help you create these.

Rainbow Loom Candy Cane Ornament

Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | eBay
  • Antoinette Voorn
    Antoinette Voorn

    Please a tutorial so cute!

  • Brittany Arellano
    Brittany Arellano

    how do you make that

ET rainbow loom

  • Kari Wilkins
    Kari Wilkins


  • Vanessa Ford
    Vanessa Ford

    Love it pleaseee make a video

  • Martin Forget
    Martin Forget

    Please, a pattern!!!! :)

  • Alysia Pidlisny
    Alysia Pidlisny

    ya, need a pattern. i love ET pleeezz

  • Brooke S.
    Brooke S.

    Cute... but somewhat creepy...

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How to Make a Times Square Rainbow Loom Bracelet

  • Jaclyn Szillat Tirone
    Jaclyn Szillat Tirone

    so cool

  • Lolly Pop
    Lolly Pop

    I really like this bracelet!!

Dragon Scale Cuff

  • Alicia Beu
    Alicia Beu

    OMG I love it!!

  • Kelly Botwinski
    Kelly Botwinski

    No link? No problem! The credit is on the photo. Simply Google the credit and you'll find hundreds of links. I found one for a YouTube tutorial.

  • Esther Unger
    Esther Unger

    Yes I'd love a link too. Besides, it's nice to give credit to a designer

  • Kazzy kat
    Kazzy kat

    can you link the website this is from?

Marlene Barressii. THING 1 & 2 TUTORIAL Inspired by "DANA LENZ PANDA TUTORIAL" who was inspired by PG LOOMACY'S Basic Action Figure Tutorial..

Snowman Rainbow Loom

Rainbow loom elephant

  • Kahlia Winterburn
    Kahlia Winterburn


  • Sami Earley
    Sami Earley


  • Mikaela Neuenschwander
    Mikaela Neuenschwander

    Is there a pattern??

Rainbow Loom monkey Emma Zangs Zangs Bonnell

  • Patti Schoffstall
    Patti Schoffstall

    it is cute!

  • Tasia Allen
    Tasia Allen

    Is that you tasia

  • Sami Earley
    Sami Earley


  • Jane Harbolt
    Jane Harbolt

    Do you share your pattern, I have 3 marmosets myself.

  • Grace Karbler
    Grace Karbler

    so cute i love monkeys to and really patern?????

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Strawberry Shortcake Rainbow Loom

Tinkerbell Rainbow Loom

  • Abby Wardell:)
    Abby Wardell:)

    Please, how do you make tink. It's so cute.

  • Dawn Kagle
    Dawn Kagle

    No my name is lily and I am texting you and I am really 8 and I want to know how to make the tinker bell

  • Dawn Kagle
    Dawn Kagle

    Dear kristena I love this tinker bell so much my name is lily and I am 8+

  • kristin piorkowksi
    kristin piorkowksi

    Please make a tutorial

  • kristin piorkowksi
    kristin piorkowksi

    How do you make tinkerbell I really love this!

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Made by Mommy's Christmas Lights Charm on the Rainbow Loom

Made by Mommy's Reindeer - Designed by Michele the Looney Loomer

Made by Mommy's Hanukkah Dreidel Charm on the Rainbow Loom

Mustache on the Rainbow Loom - Inspired by Sofia's i Moustache Photo!

  • Devon Huey
    Devon Huey


  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson

    *loom come on auto correct!

  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson

    Yah! You can make anything with rainbow loon!

  • Dan Sell
    Dan Sell

    Cute.... Could u make animals

  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson

    Kari Jones Meyer-Dembowski Haha! Nice play on words!

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Made by Mommy's Pilgrim Hat Charm on the Rainbow Loom

  • Jenny White
    Jenny White

    If you used the yellow, You could turn this design into a Christmas Bell :)