Victoria Garcia

The Co-Create Series: Victoria Garcia's textile piece inspired by a 3,200 year-old giant tree

Original artwork designed by Helen Dealtry for swimwear line Bain. If your company would like to work on a commission or to collaborate, please contact us: in

use the vintage patterns on the seats as part of a new pattern we design for the stories and our 'look'. Use the shapes and colours to guide our designs etc. Also links 'then' and 'now' nicely, the old and the new. Updated look!

new collection from Suzy Ultman coming out this month. Called Kokeshi it features cute little Japanese Dolls mixed with birds, lanterns, and a circular geometric.

helipad / Art of the Luggage Label pattern by Ashley Goldberg floral on navy blue ikat. www.kristygammill...

Tentative palette for kitchen. Range is a bit more of a jadeite than mint or sage green. Countertops are cream linen Formica (Jonathan Adler). Bkfast bar is charcoal linen, same pattern. Floor to be clay colored loose lay vinyl over maple hardwood.